That's a wrap - Dubai 2013

I’ve just arrived home from the Dubai Airshow—where not even a sandstorm could stop all of the excitement. Once the dust literally settled, the show turned out to be a huge success for Boeing and our customers.

Needless to say, the 777X stole the show with record-breaking orders that speak directly to the demand in the Middle East. I’ll let the pictures do the talking as we look back on Dubai.


Media loved talking about the 777X. Here’s just one of the interviews I did— this time with Dubai One News. This show is really gathering international attention, including reporters from China and Japan.


Here’s a huge scale model for the new airport in Dubai under development. It will be the second airport for the city, reflecting the growing demand for airplanes in this region.


Standing next to LEAP engine that will be used for the new 737 MAX. Our customer flydubai committed to up to 100 MAXs during the air show.


Visiting one of several BBJs on display at the show. Chuck Colburn, who represented Boeing on the airplane, is pictured with me.


I hosted visitors on the Royal Brunei Airlines 787. He’s me with the airline’s “Betterfly” on-board team. A big thanks to Steve Hayes who represented Boeing on the airplane.


“Betterfly” branding for Royal Brunei.


This giant 777X model was on display at the exhibit. Everyone wanted to take a picture of it. Emirates’ Tim Clark, who said the airplane will “sell like hotcakes,” got the ball rolling by committing to 150, what will be the largest Boeing order ever by dollar value.

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kent (los angeles,ca USA):

question for Randy; when you travel around the world do you fly commercial? do you always fly on boeing airplanes or the competitor?

Michael (Melbourne):

Wow - who says the Middle East economy is fading?


Fred (Singapore):

Randy - congratulations to Boeing on the record breaking 777X launch. Hope to see Boeing continue and extend this winning streak with other key current 777 operators.

On this point, Boeing should be pulling out the stops to ensure ANA doesn't go the way JAL did with the A350... Richard Aboulafia's Oct 2013 letter makes for sobering reading. Boeing has always led the way technologically, and it should seize the lead again as market product strategy leader.

Richard M (New South Wales):

Wow! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY! That's what I call an Order Of Magnitude!

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