Year in review

As we close in on the end of the year and the annual Boeing holiday break, our teams are still very busy building airplanes and selling them. Today, Cathay Pacific became the first 777X customer in Asia after ordering 21 777-9Xs.

Earlier this week, we earned type inspection authorization (TIA) for ZB021, our 787-9 powered by General-Electric GEnx engines. It comes just a few days after we earned TIA for 787-9s powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines.


The third 787-9 test airplane, ZB021, is powered by General-Electric GEnx engines.

Also this week, we delivered the first 747-8 with performance-improved engines to Cathay Pacific. It’s the first of the performance package’s three improvements to enter service—as we keep investing to make the 747-8 even better.


A Cathay Pacific Airways 747-8 Freighter was the first 747 to deliver with the performance-improved engines.

While we’ve had our challenges in 2013, we’ve also had plenty of reasons to celebrate where we’ve been—and where we’re going. I’ll leave you with a photo gallery of my favorite moments from the past year. I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing you back here in 2014.


The new Everett Delivery Center opens to rave reviews.


A 787 for Air India performs during the flying display at the Paris Air Show.


There were smiles all around at the launch of the 787-10 at the Paris Air Show. ALC Chairman and CEO Steven Udvar-Hazy (left) and Boeing Commercial Airplanes President & CEO Ray Conner celebrate.


Ray Conner greets Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary at the Paris Air Show. Ryanair finalized an order for 175 Next-Generation 737-800s.


The first 767 Freighter for FedEx Express.


Boeing employees cheer the 787-9 first flight.


The 787-9’s first flight takes it past Mt. Rainier.


The 777X is officially launched at the Dubai Airshow. Here’s me with Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of Airplane Development, standing next to the 777X model.


What else would I end with— food! Here’s my favorite street market in Paris.

Comments (5)

Brock (Calgary, AB, Canada):


Thanks for all your time in posts this year!

Now, get out of the office and enjoy wonderful time with your family!! You have earned it!

All the best to you, and yours!


V V (Montreal, Quebec):

2013 has been a very interesting year for the industry. Next year will also be very-very interesting.

My warmest greetings to you, your family, your readers and your co-workers. Best wishes for the new year.

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):



Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I am glad it has been a great year for Boeing, plenty of orders and the launching of the 787-10 and the 777-8/9. I think 2014 will be topped out ahead of 2013. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hew Year to everyone.

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

I wish the entire Boeing Company a happy and successful New Year! After the miraculous launch of the Boeing 777X which is a large airplane I guess the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental may count on more customers as well... I wish that the Boeing 767 gets modernised, too as a mid-size airplane that is capable to replace smaller jets when it is needed... I wish that Boeing achieves further success in the area of developing manned spacecraft as well as in the area of heavy cargo transportation into space... I believe in world peace still I also wish the ingenious drone weapons of Boeing perform well on the battle fields, too... And everything be propelled by biofuel! Joe

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