"Infinity exciting"

When one of our 787-9s landed in Alice Springs, Australia for hot weather testing this week we didn’t realize we’d be greeted by a very young—and very enthusiastic fan.


The 787-9 lands in Alice Springs, Australia for flight testing.

Six-year-old Thomas Barnetson heard the 787-9 was heading to his hometown in Australia’s Red Centre, and begged his dad Jason to take him to the airport to watch the airplane land. When he was invited by Boeing and local television station ABC (see their report here) to take a tour, he said it was “the coolest thing ever.”


Young Thomas checks out the 787-9.


Touring the 787-9 in Alice Springs.

When the television reporter asked Thomas whether he wanted to fly the Dreamliner one day, Thomas was clear: “I want to build planes!”

During the visit, Thomas met Ryan Smith, test operations manager for the airplane, and Chuck Killberg, chief test pilot for Boeing Test & Evaluation. And his final words on what it was like to see the aircraft up close: “It was infinity exciting!”


Thanks for visiting, Thomas!

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tim (Mount Pleasant, WI):

Cool - must have been a fun day!
Sweet Plane.
Boeing = Best Planes Flying

Carroll E. Gant, JR. (Washington, DC. USA.):

Love the story. Reminds me of being a kid and excited with fixing and flying In the. US Airforce.

Skypower (Nigeria):

From Six Sigma to Six-year-old, this is yet another nice feature that does well to keep Boeing's human connection alive and well and balances nicely against the obvious huge stack of high tech the company stands for.

Russel Ahmed (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

This is what Boeing is!!!
Ultimate madness to see Thomas..his dream comes true...
I am blessed with that experimental flight Boeing carried through 787 [from Seattle to Dhaka / Dhaka to Seattle] equipped with GEnx engine. Written down in my heart for lifetime....I am blessed with my footsteps when I walked through the ramp and visited the proud team...Boeing...The sky is no longer the limit....

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

It gets hot down there in January in Central Australia, it's hot up here too in the LA area, about 85F as the high. You are never too young to find your interest and pursue your dreams, keep at it Thomas.

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