Off and running in 2014

We’re already off to a busy start in 2014. The 787-9 is making its international debut in Auckland, home of launch customer Air New Zealand. The second of three 787-9s dedicated to the flight test program flew direct from Boeing Field to Auckland International Airport on January 3. The airplane will conduct hot weather testing as well. Check out this video of the 787-9 in New Zealand.


The 787-9 lands in Auckland.



Earlier today, we announced a commitment for eight Next-Generation 737-800s from Air Algerie—and flydubai firmed up its big order for 75 737 MAXs and 11 Next-Generation 737-800s made at the Dubai Airshow.

These early orders and commitments for 2014 come on the same day we announced our orders and deliveries total for last year. We delivered 648 airplanes, the most ever in a single year—including 65 of our 787 Dreamliners. Our net order total of 1,355 was the second largest in Boeing history. We thank all of our customers for keeping us busy now and into the future.

The year ahead promises to be just as busy—as we begin laying the groundwork for the 777X in Puget Sound, first delivery of the 787-9 and increasing production rates on the 737. Stay tuned!

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Happy 2014, I like how its starting. I think the 787-9 will look great in the Air New Zealand livery. The new 787 fits a large niche of range and size and I think the orders for the 787-9 build up throughout the year as testing progresses.

Fred (Singapore):

Randy - I hope Boeing has a good 2014, and continues on a roll with 777X (and 737MAX/787) sales.

I wonder what your counterpart JL has to say now about the aircraft that he dissed as "a very heavy paper airplane"? ;)

Seth (Orlando):

Happy New year Randy and thanks for sharing photos of the B787-9. Wishing you all the best.

Tim (Baltimore):

That's good news to a good start for 2014 Randy.

Now Randy ? Boeing ? are you at least a little bit tempted to see what this beauty 787-9 can really do as in trying to beat the long range record that the 777 set ?

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