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When you travel as much as I do, the kind of airplane you fly on makes a huge difference. That’s why I always look forward to flying on a 777 whenever I get the chance. It seems like a lot of other people do too.


2013 proved to be another winning year for the 777 as it topped several reader-voted travel award lists. Readers of Global Traveler named the 777 the Best Aircraft Type for 2013, an honor the airplane has held since 2011. The GT Tested Reader Survey winners were chosen by Global Traveler’s frequent business and luxury travelers.


The 777 was awarded Best Aircraft Type by Premier Traveler, a back-to-back win for the airplane.

For the third year in a row, it received the honor of Best Aircraft Type by readers of Business Traveler USA magazine. And, the 777 was named Best Aircraft Type by readers of Executive Travel, earning the 777 its sixth Leading Edge Award, and firmly establishing it as a fan favorite.


These awards recognize the commitment the 777 program makes to our customers and their passengers. Our goal is to continue the legacy of being a traveler favorite for many years to come as we deliver hundreds more 777s— and build on the passenger-preferred interior of today’s airplane by incorporating state-of-the art interior design and technologies into the new 777X.

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Tammy (Newark):

I refuse to fly anything else long haul! My favorite from day 1. Well done Boeing.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The 777 sells the 777X. The trickle down affect of customers loving an aircraft is part of marketing usually found in fine restaurants.

The rave is expressed when friends invite friends to its special place. Analogous of that idea is the 777. The highly refined and pleasurable 777-ER is something you talk about while impressing friends. As a passenger, You don`t display vacation pictures in that old school manner, a customer just name drops the 777. The trickle down affect is all that hardware you bring to your blog in pictures. Thank you Randy, I really like your pictures best of all, because all the other aviation experts are doing the praise for you. Well done Boeing.

Tom (Germany):

What about the biggest ship - made by Boeing?
The 747-8I is not a favorite aircraft?
It offers more space - more chances for a nice flight experience!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Great news for Boeing and the further development of the 777 program. Only the more reason for airlines to order more 777s and for Boeing to go on ahead with the 777-8 and 9. Passengers have all the reason in the world to want to fly on a 777.

Dale Cary (Melbourne, Australia):

Well you won't be flying Qantas Tammy!

Jim (Anchorage):

This is a great site that I will visit often!

Question: How many flight hours are required for the 787-9 to earn certification?

Thank you!

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