Countdown to Kenya Airways' first 787

We’re excited about the upcoming 787 delivery to Kenya Airways. Over the past few days, the airplane has been in the skies over Puget Sound and looks stunning in the “Pride of Africa” livery.


The first 787 for Kenya Airways.

This delivery will be the first of nine 787s Kenya Airways has on order. After taking its first ever 777-300ER last year, the airline is also set to add an additional two 777-300ERs to its fleet in the coming months.


This string of deliveries from Boeing is all part of the airline’s “Project Mawingu” 10 year plan, which will see the East African carrier more than double its fleet size from 44 airplanes to 107 by 2021— and destinations from the current 62 to 115.


The 787s joining Kenya Airways fleet will enable the airline to increase capacity, add new destinations and increase frequencies to destinations such as Paris and Amsterdam from its hub in Nairobi. Check out the video below showcasing the airplane’s interior.

I’m sure passengers will love flying on this airplane as Kenya Airways sets out on its mission to connect Africa to the world, and the world to Africa.

I’ll end by thanking another customer in that part of the world—as South Africa’s Comair Limited announced an order this week for eight 737 MAXs. It’s the first 737 MAX order announcement from an African operator.

Comments (5)

banekelele (Nairobi, Kenya):

Can't wait for it to arrive.

benson gembe (nairobi kenya):

I just love this ellasration and I wish I could have to work with you guys. Kindly invite for a ride one day.congratulations

Gregg (Dallas):

Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics Randy.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Very outstanding. Congrats to Kenya Airways and Boeing on the first 787. High environmental comfort and more of the world awaits Kenya Airways with all of the possibilities of the 787.

Alex Sinkeet (Nairobi ):

Iam proud of "the pride of Africa"
keep it up Kenya Airways you make
Us proud

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