FIDAE 2014

SANTIAGO - Hello from Chile, where I’m wrapping up a few days at the FIDAE Air Show. Before I talk about my trip here, I want to say how excited we are about ANA’s big commitment for 40 of our twin-aisle airplanes. That includes 20 777-9Xs, 14 787-9s and 6 777-300ERs.


The 777-9X in ANA livery.

On the single-aisle side, we also got news today that Japan Transocean Air committed to buy 12 Next-Generation 737-800s. Those airplanes will be part of the airline’s fleet renewal program for its existing 737 Classics.

Of course, single-aisle airplanes are the big story back here in Latin America—expected to make up more than 80 percent of new deliveries in the next two decades. But we’re also in active campaigns for our widebodies. As a whole, we forecast that Latin America will need 2,900 new airplanes valued at $300 billion. And while this region is ultra competitive, we know our products like the new 737 MAX will be up for the challenge.


“Life is a great adventure.” One of the billboards at FIDAE showcasing the 737 MAX.

I’ll leave you with some of the images from the FIDEA Air Show.


GOL shows off a Next-Generation 737-800. The airline has also ordered 60 of our 737 MAXs.


The beautiful sky interior of GOL’s 737-800.


We welcomed U.S. Ambassador to Chile, Michael A. Hammer (center), to the Boeing Booth at FIDAE.

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Andrew P Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

What a delight that you share the tip of the marketing spear with your brief observations of this airshow. Latin America is important, travel allows an interface of great cultures. As Latin America emerges, it will partner with aviation's stated goal of safe, affordable and reliable travel. Thank you Randy for this heads-up displayed in your Journal. The South American potential is reached through Boeing's product where it connects the world to all possibilty.

Dr Dorothy (WASHINGTON):

Congratulations to Boeing !

Boeing is the most technologically advanced and safe plane with extreme and extraordinary hi-tech inventions in the decades including 777,787 and etc !

All the best to Boeing and permanently always booming, fizzling, blossom, flourishing, overflow, excessive, speeding, advancing, rich, robust and peace !

Dr Dorothy
(uncountable troops investors from our USA as well as our relatives countries of UK, Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, NZ )

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The ANA order is great news for the 777 and 787 lineup and as for the 777X it shows that interest is strong way before it it projected to go into service in six years. I have a lot of confidence that Delta Air Lines interest in 50 wide bodies to replace the 747s and 767s will fall in large part or entirely into the Boeing column.

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