Joint review of 787

In January 2013, Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner stood with U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and the Federal Aviation Administration’s Michael Huerta to announce a joint review of the critical systems of the 787. That review is now complete and confirms that the 787 meets its intended high level of safety.

The report discusses findings that are “typical of a new airplane model entering service.” It makes recommendations for how to deal with these findings, as well as several recommendations to help the FAA better deal with its role in certifying new technologies.

We’ve been transparent with the issues we have had on the 787 program. It’s not easy to bring a new business model, new technologies and a new airplane to the market. But these challenges and complexities have not compromised our commitment to safety. That is our top priority and always will be.

Boeing has already implemented many of the report’s recommendations. We’ve learned some important lessons, made the changes to address them and will continue to do so going forward.

We’re grateful for the efforts of those at the FAA and Boeing who worked on the joint review, and for their recommendations about how we can further improve our processes. And we appreciate the review’s confirmation of the strength of the processes used to design and certify the 787.

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Jim (Anchorage, Alaska, USA):

Delivery of the first 787-9:
What parameters need to be met before the -9 is approved for delivery?
I presume there are lengthy checklists that are completed during the testing phase, yet as a derivative, it must be much shorter than for the -8.

If so, how many?

With testing where it is now, when does Boeing expect to deliver the first -9?
Thank you

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