Room to grow

The sound of sledgehammers rang out at Boeing Field today, marking the start of a significant project for us and our customers. We’re expanding our 737 Delivery Center in Seattle, at a time when we’re seeing unprecedented demand for the world’s best-selling airplane.


737 VP & General Manager Beverly Wyse takes the first ceremonial swing as we make way for an expanded 737 Delivery Center in Seattle. Jim Anderson photo.

When the expansion is completed in mid-2015, the enhanced delivery center will be more than double the size of the existing facility. It will come complete with three covered jetways—one more than our huge new delivery center in Everett.


Here’s what the expanded delivery center will look like.

The expanded 737 Delivery Center will not only give our airline customers a world-class facility to pick up their new airplanes, but it will give us the room we need as the 737 program continues to increase production rates. The first airplane at the new rate of 42 per month will roll out of the Renton factory in just a few days—with another rate increase to 47 per month in 2017.


Customers will be greeted by a world-class facility.

So you see, today’s ceremonial start of construction wasn’t about knocking down part of the past. It was about building our future.


Leaders from Boeing, SPEEA, IAM 751 and local government mark the ceremonial start of construction on the expanded 737 Delivery Center in Seattle. Marian Lockhart photo.

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Norman (Long Beach):

With all the orders for the 737 MAX and continuing orders for the 737NG, now is a great time to expand the 737 delivery center.

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