8,000 delivered

A little over two years ago, I was talking about the delivery of the 7,000th 737. Today, we’re already marking the 8,000th delivery— something that has never been done in the history of commercial airplanes.


The 8,000th 737 to be delivered heads for Boeing Field. Jim Anderson photo.

United Airlines took home this beauty, a Next-Generation 737-900ER with a special logo to mark the milestone airplane.


A special logo marks the 8,000th 737 to be delivered. Jim Anderson photo.

737 deliveries don’t show any signs of slowing down. Orders for the Next-Generation 737 and the new 737 MAX keep coming in as we continue to make the airplane more fuel efficient, with new features like the Boeing Sky Interior that our customers can build their fleet on in the years to come.

With an impressive backlog of more than 3,700 airplanes on order, including 1,934 orders for the new 737 MAX, the 737 program is busy making sure these airplanes get to our customers as soon as possible.

The team in Renton took time this week to not only celebrate the 8,000th delivery, but to also mark production increasing to 42 airplanes per month.


737 employees gather in the Renton factory to mark the milestone delivery and production rate increase. Jim Anderson photo.

United Airlines took part in the event, as their vice president of fleet Ron Baur thanked our employees and recognized some of the employee involvement team members.


737 employee involvement teams are recognized during a special event in Renton. Marian Lockhart photo.


Employees from Boeing Fabrication across the globe celebrate in Renton. Jim Anderson photo.

Thanks to United and all of our 737 customers for helping us reach the 8,000 milestone. We’re already counting the days to 9,000! I’ll end with a look back at our other 737 milestone deliveries.


7000th delivery: December 2011, flydubai, 737-800.


6000th delivery: April 2009, ILFC (for Norwegian Air Shuttle), 737-800.


5000th delivery: February 2006, Southwest, 737-700.


4000th delivery: June 2001, Air Algerie, 737-800. (we have no photo of the actual airplane. This photo shows a 737 delivered to Air Algerie in July of 2001)


3000th delivery: February 1998, Alaska, 737-400.


2000th delivery: February 1991, Lufthansa, 737-500.


1000th delivery: December 1983, Delta, 737-200.

Comments (4)

Mark (UK):

Such a great photographic record of an outstanding aircraft. Congratulations Boeing on this milestone it is a truly remarkable achievement. Praise must go to every individual who has worked both directly and indirectly on the 737 programme. Long may it continue.

Joel (Denver):

What a great blast from the past and a look to the future. Boeing is the best and thank you Randy!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on the 8,000th 737 delivery! it was just a little more than two years since the 7,000th 737 was delivered. As the orders hold now, this celebration will be done a mere four times over. Lots delivered, plenty to go!

Pierre Dufault (Canada (Brossard, Qc)):

Great planes, all versions. I flew aboard the 737-100 back in 1972 with Lufthansa between Frankfurt and Munich for the Olympic Games.
Many times also with CP Air, Nordair, Quebecair and US Airways.
Keep it up Boeing.
When is the 797 coming? And what is the delivery count of the 787? Aier Canada will be receiving some shortly I believe.
Pierre Dufault

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