Dark and stormy

It was fitting that we picked a dark and stormy night in Everett to debut the first 787-9 to be delivered to Air New Zealand. In fact, the airplane’s distinctive black color scheme looked downright gorgeous in the pouring rain.


The first 787-9 to be delivered to launch customer Air New Zealand rolls out of the paint hangar in Everett late Saturday night. All photos by Gail Hanusa.

Air New Zealand plans to have the airplane begin service on its Auckland-Perth route later this year. The airline has 10 787-9s on order.





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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Boeing Brings IT. In Air New Zealand's "The New Black" dress Livery. I watched last night through my Twitter account all the press pictures flashing as if a super star was about to arrive through those Big blue Doors At Paine Field. I never enjoyed the Twiiter-verse more than last night as the oohs and awes by the press could be felt through camera lenses. They could not hide those big smiles from behind its cameras. Dental condition was on display when the doors opened. I even said wow shes a looker. Instant Love for Air New Zealand. A show stopper indeed. The show stoppped briefly as she rolled back into the night and turned to head out for the Compass Rose. How fitting that Paine Field has a place for all its girls for receiving its rose. This Girl is a stunner and the the press can't stop smiling, nor can I. I looked and looked well into the night at all those pictures. Make a movie of this debutant and i will come. Its one special aircraft of Boeing's vision statement.
The one picture that looked Black and white was this 787 sitting in the big house even though it was taken in color. A stunnning photographic evet. The first commercial 787-9 will stun the world, as well as its follow-on sisters, will be the the center of attention for years to come.

Congratulation Air New Zealand and Boeing Team. You've got my un obstructed attention. Thank you Randy for leading the Market in the world. My feet will someday touch ground, hopefully it will happen upon landing in New Zealand.


The 787-9 looks sleek and just plain awesome in Air New Zealand's black livery. I'm glad the development and testing of the dash 9 has been mostly smooth.

Ian Fischer (Brisbane Australia):

Well done Boeing and Air New Zealand with a magnificent product befitting a "born again" airline with their futuristic advertising and marketing, proof that the staid old boring company policies to put bums in the seats is dead in the water!

It will be a long haul for others but partnerships like the one on this B787 are guaranteed winners! Customers love to see airlines breaking the mould and being "different".

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I like the striking Air New Zealand livery on the new 787-9. The livery reminds me of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby union team. Congrats to Boeing and Air New Zealand on the first 787-8 rollout.

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

Beautiful Plane, looks like a B-1 in that black paint.

Very very nice. Congratulations NZ and Boeing

Adrian Lane (Wellington, New Zealand):

This stunning plane has just touched down in Auckland New Zealand, for a long life taking people to and from this glorious country. A most appropriate plane for the job. Much excitement and pride here.


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