The Dreamliner effect

We’re always proud and excited to see our customers take home their first 787. Kenya Airways took delivery of their first Dreamliner last week. That’s 18 customers and counting.

Of course, we’re just as proud to hear positive feedback from customers that are already flying the 787. LOT Polish Airlines recently credited what it calls the “Dreamliner effect” for directly contributing to a net profit for the first time in five years.


When announcing its 2013 financial results, LOT said that thanks to the 787— the airline gained as much as PLN 95 million (Polish zloty). Their news release speaks to the benefits of the airplane.

“All in all, thanks to the Dreamliner, the number of the business and premium class passengers in 2013 increased by over 80 percent compared to 2012. The Boeing 787 offers greater business opportunities in terms of cargo carriage. Furthermore, because long-haul flights (New York, Chicago, Toronto, Beijing) were operated with the Dreamliner, LOT saved several million of PLN on the reduced fuel consumption.”

These real world results are exactly what we had in mind when we designed and built the 787. And we thank our customers for sharing them.

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Wow! only a little more than two years since the 6,000th 737 has rolled out. With the orders available as of now, the 1,000 order delivery celebration will be done six times over. Congrats on the 8,000th 737 delivery and many more to go.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

It's a win win for all, and proven as well! It is a great beginning for the worlds first true 21st century developed airliner.

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