What a decade!

10 years ago today, we delivered our first 777-300ER. Since that day when Air France took home the airplane, another 474 have been delivered to customers around the globe.


The first delivery of the 777-300ER. April 29, 2004.


The -300ER accounts for more than half of all 777 orders, and is a favorite among airlines and the flying public. It remains the undisputed market leader with the highest reliability (99.5%) and lowest operating cost per seat of any aircraft flying today.


The 777-300ER in flight.

Obviously, the 777-300ER will play a key role in our transition to the 777X. ANA’s commitment last month to buy both the 777-9X and additional 777-300ERs shows the value these airplanes bring to the market. It’s also part of our strategy to pair orders whenever it meets our customers’ needs.


The passenger experience on board the 777-300ER always gets high marks.

With a firm backlog of nearly 250 777-300ERs, continued strong customer demand and airplane availability this decade, this airplane is still the perfect choice for many airlines. What a decade!

To mark the 10 year milestone, 777 employees said ‘Happy Birthday’ to the airplane in many different languages. Check out the video below.

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Denny (Portland, OR):

This will always be one of my favorites. I can only hope the 777-X is even better. Great video and a nice way to feature all those who had a hand in building this aircraft.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, South Africa):

The 777-300ER really is an incredible machine - the combination of payload capability (passenger & cargo), range, efficiency, reliability, route deployment flexibility and operating costs really sets the 777-300ER apart from the competition.

I always saw it as the ultimate expression of Boeing's point-2-point (p2p) strategy - the number one ETOPs plane flying today.

I also always saw it as the spiritual successor for the Boeing Company's 350-400 seat market offering - a market dominated, and served with distinction, by the 747 since 1970, in more recent times by the 747-400.

The -300ER is a wonderful plane, truly remarkable development phase - during flight test watching it push beyond the company's expectations, and then outselling the competition 15-1 at an airshow in 2005. Again, the ultimate plane to build in 2002 to say to the world: "we're still in this game, we're in it for the long-haul." Props

Gilles Compagnion (Paris):

Time is runing, already 10 years! For this best airplane in its class.
I had the chance to be part of this first one, it was an exciting time.
And after 24 delivered, it was still each time a pleasure to take a new one... And lot of "souvenirs".
Congratulations to Boeing, to Air France!

Adolfo A. Pedregosa (Hong Kong):

I had been working on B777s since 1996. And you can see a Filipino working on one anywhere in the world. Maligayang Kaarawan.

V V (Montreal, Quebec):

The 777-300ER has never had any credible contender during the last ten years and perhaps the situation will last for another five years.

That's a total of fifteen years without any competition.


The 777 is a magnificent airplane, and I've always enjoyed flying on them for long haul transoceanic travel. It is truly a success story for Boeing and for the airlines that fly them.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I have only seen a few planes that has sold more much less the
epic sales of the largest twin engined aircraft in the sky. The Boeing 777-300ER has been and continues to be a game changer in the field of large airliners.

It is a plane that has been delivered at the right place and at the right time. It came in just in time to replace older 747-400s, see the expansion of national air carriers and out compete and often replace the A340-600.

Without a doubt even with it's back orders left and new orders coming, the new 777X is poised to continue on the success of the 77W.

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