2,000 and counting

The 737 MAX is officially the fastest selling airplane in Boeing history. Today, we announced that the MAX has topped 2,000 orders (2,010 to be exact) from 39 customers around the world.


The 737 MAX 8.

Each and every one of those customers have played a huge part in the success of the MAX. And some of them were kind enough to share their reasons for investing in this airplane.

United - Ron Baur, vice president of fleet: “We have a lot of faith in Boeing and the 737 MAX, especially that this will be the aircraft of the future for United Airlines.”

Air Lease Corporation - Steven Udvar-Hazy, chairman and CEO: “The 737 MAX provides the best in-class combination of fuel-efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort that our airline clients need to compete in the future.”

GOL - Paulo Kakinoff , CEO: “The 737 MAX will help us lead the way with a modern and safe fleet and help us sustain our competitive advantage. It will give our airline great fuel efficiency and low costs, and will give our passengers a fantastic experience.”

Virgin Australia : “The Boeing 737 has formed a critical part of the Virgin Australia fleet over the past decade thanks to its reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency. The Boeing 737 MAX will build on this, enabling us to achieve strong on time performance and maintain our low cost base. One of the key advantages of the Boeing 737 MAX is that it should reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions by 14 percent over today’s most fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft. The aircraft will also feature the light and spacious Boeing Sky Interior and incorporate the latest quiet engine technology, reducing its noise footprint significantly.”

Since the launch of the MAX, we’ve made the airplane even better. See how in this video.

We’re busy in our Renton factory making room for the MAX and on track to start production in mid-2015, fly the airplane in 2016 and deliver it in the third quarter of 2017. In the meantime, here’s a look back in photos at just some of the ways we got to 2,000 orders.


Here’s me at the launch of the 737 MAX in August 2011. Five airlines made commitments for 496 airplanes.


Lion Air commits to buy 201 MAX airplanes, November 2011.


A full scale model of the 737 MAX Advanced Technology Winglet was on display at the 2012 Farnborough Airshow. The MAX racked up 308 orders and commitments during the week of the show.


The MAX surpasses 1,000 total orders with an order from Aviation Capital Group in December 2012.


The 737 MAX 7 is launched with an order from Southwest, May 2013.

Comments (3)

Sumanth gowra (india):

I have see the 737 develop and evolve over last many yeats since indian airlines was operating since the 70's.

its one of the most rugged and an easy to operate aircraft in the world in all

its an easy choice in its class in comparison to A 319/320 variants of the
its category and willnot be surprised if it overtakes in numbers its

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

I will not link back to what I said earlier today on my own blog. However, kudos and well played with the Max. Congratulations on making Airbus continuously blink its way through its own progressions of design and execution. The MAX, I labeled the "Magnificent Airplane Experience" (AKA:MAX) is a great way to describe what it can do for the passengers and Airlines in tandom. Keep on Keeping on Boeing.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Not even one 737 MAX has been built and it has out sold the 737 Classic, the 300,400, and 500 all combined. It can best be said that by the end of the year the 737 MAX will outsell the 737 Classics and the 737 Originals combined. The 737 line will be in production for many many years to come.

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