Double dose of good news

On the same day the first 787-9 for Air New Zealand took its first flight, we got more great news for the 787 program.


The first 787-9 set for delivery takes its first flight today in Everett.

The FAA approved 330-minute ETOPS for 787-8s, meaning the airplanes can now operate up to 330 minutes from a landing field.

This is important news for our customers as they look to expand their 787 operations, flying straighter routes between key cities around the world and opening up new routes. It’s also good for the environment—saving thousands of pounds of fuel and cutting carbon emissions.

As we continue working toward 787-9 certification, we expect it to include 330-minute ETOPS operations as well—but that will be up to the FAA. The same holds true for the 787-10.

Improving reliability and increasing our customer base. That’s what we’re focused on—and 330 ETOPS gives us that added boost.

Comments (2)

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on the 330 minute ETOPS rating. It would be very useful for Air New Zealand's possible trans-Pacific roots for it's 787.

John M. White (Michigan):

Love the livery on the Thai airplane. Its great to see the production of the 787 continuing to grow and to see the great customer reviews of the aircraft.

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