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We’re always excited to introduce a new 787 operator. Today, Neos became the first airline in Italy to announce it will fly the Dreamliner. Neos will lease two 787-8s from International Lease Finance Corporation.


Italy already plays a key role in the production of the 787, with Boeing supplier Alenia Aermacchi’s factories in Grottaglie (Taranto), Foggia and Pomigliano (Naples) producing the central fuselage and horizontal stabilizer for the Dreamliner. In fact, the 787 Dream Tour made a stop in Taranto back in May of 2012.


The Dream Tour airplane makes a stop in Italy to visit our suppliers in 2012.

While we welcome Neos as a future 787 operator, the 787 program is in the middle of a very busy year. This year alone, 12 more customers will take delivery of their first Dreamliner. It’s an amazing fact— and exciting to see so many liveries coming out of our factories.

The 787s for Neos will expand the Milan-based carrier’s route options starting in 2018. Congratulations and welcome to the 787 family.


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Tarcisio Filippelli:

Hello all. I am so proud that Italian Airliner lease the Boeing 787. I work for Boeing for 38 years and will retire approx. 4 years left. :-) Tarcisio Filippelli

Norman Garza////Long Beach, CA:

Congrats to Boeing and Neos of the delivery of the first 787. Passengers can fly comfortably from Italy to anywhere in the Caribbean and Florida.

Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

It's surprising that Boeing isn'ramping up production of the 787 more quickly in future years given the huge backlog and sales potential of the 9 and 10 models. Airbus is going to get a lot of business for the A330 and A350 because Boeing can't deliver this great airplane faster.

No one would have imagined the current and planned production rates of the 737 a few years ago. It's time to plan for a 787 production rate of 20 or so per month to give operators reasonable delivery times for additional aircraft, so they won't be forced to buy from the competition.

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