Landing in Latvia

It’s always fun to watch the reaction of people when they see their first 747. More and more people are getting that experience these days, as our new 747-8 just began service to its 150th airport.


A 747-8 Freighter operated by Atlas Air receives a water cannon salute after landing at Riga International Airport in Latvia. All photos courtesy of Riga Airport.

A 747-8 Freighter operated by Atlas Air touched down at Riga International Airport in Latvia last week. Achieving the 150 airport milestone only 31 months after going into service is truly a testament to the design and capabilities of the airplane. The A380 operates to roughly 30 airports, depending on the season.


We’re also seeing some other good news for the 747-8 Freighter. When it comes to the cargo market, volume has increased a little over 4 percent since this time last year, and we expect it to continue to pick up as world trade growth moves forward.


69 of our 747-8s have been delivered so far. The fleet is performing well in service, with a dispatch reliability of 98.9 percent. And best of all, our customers love the airplane. We look forward to seeing it at even more airports down the road.

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Joseph Abuh (Lagos, Nigeria ):

I love Boeing, I love being one aspect of technicians in any country.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

It looks like a former British Airways Cargo 747-8. The 747 being dimensionally similar to the A380 but with acceptance to over 150 airports vs 30 makes the 747 quite versatile in were it can go.


A great milestone for the 747-8! Hopefully with the turn around of the cargo market, there will be more -8Fs that will be needed.

For the -8i, will there be something special done for the delivery of LN 1500 to LH? With more of the PIP frames in service and with other carriers taking delivery this year, hopefully that will help with sales campaigns for this version as well.

John White (DeWitt, Michigan):

We have a saying in our family: If it's not Boeing I'm not going. Our son works on Boeing 767's and just loves the airplane.

Its amazing to me that the 747 is still in production after all of these years. What a testament to a great design!

Geoff (England):

How many airports do the passenger 747-8`s fly to,as all the A380`s are passenger plane`s and I think your comments are slightly distorted.

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