O Canada!

I just wanted to congratulate Air Canada for taking delivery of their first 787 and flying it home to Toronto over the weekend.


Air Canada’s first 787, just after it rolled out of the paint hangar in Everett.

Air Canada is the first Canadian airline to fly the Dreamliner, and the airplane will play a key role in their international expansion.


Air Canada’s first Dreamliner takes to the skies.

Air Canada will use the 787 on its Toronto-Tel Aviv routes, as well as launch a new destination - Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The 787 also launches the airline’s new International Business Class Cabin. You can check out the interior photos here.


Air Canada’s first 787 Dreamliner lands and receives a water cannon salute at Toronto’s Pearson Airport on Sunday. Courtesy of Air Canada.

You can check out a video of the airplane landing in Toronto below.

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Ogunde Adebanke Eve/ Nigeria:

Congratulations to Air Canada!!!

John Stone (Brisbane Australia):

Can you tell us when we might see an ER version of the 787-10. Seems to me this would be very competitive with the 359, because it should be lighter coming up from below.

Norman Garza////Long Beach, CA:

The Toronto to Tel Aviv sector has to be one of the longest routes flown by the 787. There is no better plane to spend the hours than on a 787. Congrats to Air Canada and Boeing.

TIM (Ont. Ca):

I was there when the 787 made it's historic first landing at YYZ on Sunday. I was fascinated to see hundreds of aviation fans waiting hours to see this beautiful plane make its first appearance in Air Canada colors.

The 787 has really big shoes to fill in replacing the legendary 767 in AC's fleet. I'm sure that the 787 will succeed just fine.


Beautiful airplane!
Hey Randy, is that you at the end of the video taking pictures of the landing?

Randy Tinseth:

No Karl, but I wish I could have been there!

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