The Big 4-0

Yesterday, we announced a major milestone for the 737 MAX program as we surpassed 2,000 total orders. Today, we’ve reached another big milestone for the MAX—40 total customers.

Nok Air has now finalized an order for seven MAX 8s and eight 737-800s. The airline plans to convert one of those NG orders to MAX at a later date. With this Nok Air deal going on the books, the 737 MAX now has 2,017 orders from 40 customers.


The 737 MAX 8 and Next-Generation 737-800 in Nok Air livery.

From my days in Sales, I can tell you the depth and breadth of an airplane’s customer base is critical to its long term success. 40 customers at this stage in the program is a really big deal. It speaks to the acceptance of the MAX from a truly global customer base. And it shows just how well the MAX family is filling the needs of every airline’s business model—from low cost carriers to heritage carriers.

We’re sharing the MAX story with even more customers, and look forward to many more joining the family.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The Magnificent Airplane Xperience (MAX) continues on the world stage. Congratulations to all Boeing and its customers.

Todd Cohen (Philadelphia):


"..from my days in sales..." You are always in sales!

Love your blogs...

Todd Cohen

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

With 2,000+ orders and 40 different customers the 737 MAX series is moving quickly. Imagine the how big the list is going to be when the 737 MAX enters service.

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