1,500 and counting

Sometimes, milestones are just a number. But for all of us at Boeing—and for aviation fans around the world—this milestone is extra special.

The 1,500th 747 has now been delivered. The airplane, a 747-8 Intercontinental, will join 13 others already in Lufthansa’s fleet.


The 1,500th 747, a 747-8 Intercontinental for Lufthansa.


A special logo for a special airplane.

One of the most iconic and beloved airplanes ever built didn’t reach the 1,500 mark (the first ever widebody airplane to reach this milestone) by chance. The all-new 747-8 has built on the tradition and taken it to a new level. Since the airplane went into service in 2011, we’ve continued to invest in it to make it even better. A recent performance improvement package is just part of our commitment to continually improve the 747-8 for our customers.


Cutting the ribbon to celebrate the 1500th delivery.


The 1,500th 747 during one of its test flights.

While we look toward the future with upcoming deliveries to new customers, we also salute the men and women of Boeing who dared to dream big. Joe Sutter and his team of Incredibles launched the jumbo age and did us all proud in the process.

Cheers to the 747’s past, present and future. Enjoy the photo gallery below that shows how we got to 1,500.


The very first 747 rolls out of the Everett factory in 1968.


The 500th 747 for Scandinavian in 1981.


The 747th 747 for Lufthansa in 1989.


The 1,000th 747 for Singapore Airlines in 1993.


Joe Sutter, the father of the 747, poses next to Lufthansa’s first 747-8 Intercontinental in 2012.

Comments (11)

Emmett (Long Island, NY):

Congratulations Mr Sutter for a marvel of aviation. They keep getting better.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):


I love everything about that aircraft, I love watching it take-off with the structure bending to the forces and granting itself grace to fly, I love that it still stands for progress, and peace, commerce, mass affordable travel -- all those warm fuzzy stuff that bring out the best of ours dreams...

It in commercial aviation, few aircraft have carried such immense and varied responsibilities - it is truly a cultural icon whose significance is matched by its operating strengths in its various forms across the over four decades it has flown across the world. You have make them pretty well to do that.

ChrisC (Johannesburg, South Africa):

A phenomenal achievement for a phenomenal airplane! Congratulations on the 1,500th delivery of the world's most incredible commercial airplane! Seven hundred and forty seven cheers to the 747! Here's to the next 1,500!

Laura P. (Milwaukee):

A great achievement by all. It is still my favorite of all time and probably always will be. Hope to fly the dash 8 someday.

jujirou oohata (tokyo japan):

Joe sutter 747
Heis ono of the greatest aircraft technology USA,has
ever produced.

runway37.pl (Warsaw, Poland):

Congratulations Boeing and Lufthansa for great milestone.

Mike Braum (Johannesburg):

Congratulations to both of you, Boeing and Lufthansa. To Boeing for designing and building the mother of all Jumbo jets and to Lufthansa for showing the world how to use them properly, for us.
I look at these pictures with the same excitement as I did at the newsreel showing the first European trip of the first 747.
Looking forward to the future with you both

Joanie (Shinn) Neumayer (Redondo Beach, CA and Tuscany, Italy):

Congratulations to Boeing and Lufthansa!

I was there when that first 747 took off in 1968 as my Dad was an instructor pilot on the 747 program. He did a lot of training for Lufthansa pilots and it was always fun when they were in Seattle and Dad would call Mom and say - that the "crew" was coming over for dinner. We had many special dinners with these pilots through the years. Sometimes, we were able to travel during the spring training program in Arizona (the weather a little better than Seattle)....
We look forward to continuing to fly Lufthansa - one of our preferred routes to Italy.

Joe (S.F. CA USA ):

Boeing...simply the BEST!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

A comment I remember from The Smithsonian Channel's documentary about the Boeing 747 I saw a few days ago: The interviewer said what are the 747 pilots favorite 747 to fly? The pilot said when the plane was being produced, the 747-400, but when the 747-8 was introduced, the pilot said, the 747-8. The 747 is a hit with pilots and passengers, congrats on the delivery of the 1,500th 747.

Harry Verderci (Seattle, WA USA):

Congrats to Boeing and Lufthansa! Couldn't think of a more fitting customer to receive this milestone aircraft - a loyal 747 customer for decades and the launch customer for the 747-8i. Long live the Queen

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