Cherry, Cherry

Sunshine and 56 tons of cherries. That’s what greeted a 777 Freighter today at Sea-Tac Airport as China Cargo, a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, launched its inaugural Northwest cherry export from Washington state.


A water cannon salute as a China Cargo 777 Freighter lands at Sea-Tac Airport.

I was on hand to welcome the crew when the airplane arrived just after noon from Shanghai.


It was quickly loaded up with all those tasty cherries for the flight back to China. This new business proposition is expected to benefit both Northwest cherry growers and China Cargo. In fact, we’re told all of the cherries on this inaugural flight have already been sold online to customers anxiously awaiting their arrival.


Northwest cherries— ready for delivery to China.


The crew is greeted after arriving at Sea-Tac from Shanghai.


It’s always great to speak with the pilots who fly our planes. They tell me this 777 Freighter flies “great.”

It’s fitting that a 777 Freighter was used for today’s mission. I was in Shanghai back in 2005 when we launched the 777 Freighter, an airplane that we knew would be incredibly popular with our Chinese customers.

China Eastern has six 777 Freighters already in service. Later this year, they’ll take delivery of the first of 20 777-300ERs, and we’ve been teaming with them closely to ensure a smooth entry into service.

Congratulations to our partners on this great new venture as they spread the taste of the Northwest across the globe.


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Andrew Boydston (

56 Tons of Washington Cheeries is just the beginning of an amazing export to China. Congratualtions to Washington Cherry Growers, Boeing and the People of China. Makes me atonished how one day its picked, the next day crated, and the following day in China via the 777 Freighter. Just Amazing. Congratulations Boeing.

Edie (Louisville, Kentucky):

Trust me when you try these cherries. They are delicious. Great post and great business venture for China cargo.

Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

I haven't seen any info on what's going to happen with the 777 freighter when the new models come out. Are you going to provide a version of the freighter with a composite wing, keep the existing one in production, or will it be discontinued until a later date?

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Nick,

The 777 Freighter will be an important part of our production bridge from the 777 to the new 777X.

We're focused on the 777-8X and 777-9X currently, and will look into a freighter version of the 777X down the road.

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