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On the same day we announced certification of the 787-9, here’s something else that’s worth celebrating. The 787 has now flown its 20,000,000th passenger. That’s right, 20 million passengers and counting after 100,000 revenue flights.

To put that into perspective, 20 million is the entire metropolitan populations of São Paulo, New York City, or Osaka. And all those passengers have flown the equivalent of 8,000 trips around the earth at the equator - or 415 times to the moon and back!


20 million passengers and counting.

To mark the occasion, we’re kicking off a special campaign with 787 customers all over the globe and anyone who’s ever flown on (or will soon fly) a Dreamliner.

We call it “Fly The Dream.” It’s your chance to share the 787 experience with the entire world. It even has its own hashtag: #FlyTheDream.

Simply use #FlyTheDream on social media to share photos, stories and favorite moments on board the 787. Many of our customers will also be taking part—along with travel bloggers who’ll be on upcoming 787 flights.

I can still remember the first time I ever flew on the 787. It was December 2011, the launch of the 787 Dream Tour from Seattle to Beijing.


Taking off for the Dream Tour—Seattle to Beijing.

I could hardly sleep the night before—giddy with excitement and anticipation. From seeing the beautiful wings outside the window for the first time, to really feeling the impact of the lower cabin altitude after a long trip, the flight turned out to be all I thought it would be— and more.


What a wing!


A rare chance for me to get inside the 787 flight deck during its time on the ground.


Posing with China Southern flight attendants during the 787 Dream Tour.

From now through June 30, share your own stories with us. You can also follow all the action on our special webpage that tracks tweets and captures them in one place.

Join us as we #FlyTheDream.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Dear Mr. Tenseth and Randy's Journal,

Another Sentimental Boeing Journal, is a much welcomed and enjoyable read and viewing. I remember all these pictures you just shared like it was yesterday, instead of over the last four years. Every time I see yourJournal it is with your positive vision of Boeing's drive and purpose. That is what really matters when wanting to achieve excellence.

Your readers should know this much in the pride you take in Randy's Journal:

Below is the Representation of Your Journal Entry with Boeing's Vision direct from the Boeing's website:

The Boeing Vision is: People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership.

How will we get there?

• Operate as One Boeing
• Deliver customer value
• Lead with innovation
• Fuel growth through productivity
• Leverage global strength

In order to realize our vision, we consider where we are today and where we would like to be tomorrow. There are certain business imperatives on which Boeing places a very strong emphasis.

• Detailed customer knowledge and focus
• Technical and functional excellence
• Large-scale systems integration
• Lifecycle solutions
• Lean global enterprise

The Vision Statement is heart of Randy's Journal!

Bob (Redmond, Washington):

Randy, I haven't had the chance to fly on a 787 yet but can't wait to try it. My hat is off to everyone at Boeing for this airplane.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Though I am not of those 20 million plus passengers who has flown on a 787, only saw it once a United 787 on the company maintenance apron at LAX near RWY 25 Right. I hope to fly on one soon. I know that flying United from LAX to Tokyo will virtually guaranty a seat on a 787.

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