History in the making

We’ve seen a lot of record breaking orders over the past couple of years here at Boeing. And we saw another one today, thanks to China Eastern Airlines.

In what will be China’s largest-ever purchase for single-aisle airplanes, China Eastern has committed to buying a mix of 80 Next-Generation 737s and 737 MAXs.

Earlier this week, I was at Sea-Tac Airport to greet China Eastern executives as they launched a 777 Freighter venture to transport tons of Northwest cherries to China every week through their subsidiary China Cargo. We have an enduring partnership with China Eastern, one that will grow even stronger with this single-aisle agreement. And later this year, they’ll start taking delivery of 20 777-300ERs.

Today’s news once again shows that our customers control the timing of order announcements—not air show calendars. We thank China Eastern and look forward to being a part of their future growth.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

China,is a complex aviation market. China Eastern, seizes the moment with Boeing. Not the largest in China's aviation's base, but it is one of the most significant Chineese avaiation members. It is breaking away from the pack within China, using the Boeing models of 737's 787's and 777's. Congratulations Boeing, for winning China Eastern's trust as they partner with you during its quest of serving all of the region and the world, and not just China.

It is of upmost important that Boeing establishes the Boeing equipment solulution with China Easterns business plan, since others will surely follow, if they want to remain competitive with China Eastern's portfolio of aircraft. The evaulation period for China Eastern by conducted by others in the region, will turn into more sales for Boeing. This is a great precedence for both China Eastern and Boeing.

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