Into the West (Coast)

I had the honor of celebrating the introduction of Philippine Airlines upgraded service to the United States on its 777-300ER fleet. PAL hosted an event at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills to mark the only non-stop flights from the West Coast to Manila— deploying 777-300ERs to Los Angeles and San Francisco.



Posing with Dan Schull, Boeing’s lead for sales with PAL, along with PAL flight attendants.

The airline’s 777-300ERs were previously only used on long-haul flights to Australia, Canada and to London.


One of the new 777-300ERs recently delivered to PAL.

Congratulations to PAL on their new West Coast routes as they use the 777-300ER to expand their global reach.


Dan Schull (left) speaking with Jose Cuisia, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the United States.


The obligatory foodie pic.


Here’s me with Ramon Ang, President & Chief Operating Officer of PAL.

Comments (2)

Adolfo A. Pedregosa (Hong Kong):

Mabuhay to everyone. PAL is getting its mojo back.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Those 777s are going to have good passenger loads being the only airline going from LA and SFO to Manila. Congrats to PAL on the 777s and their successes ahead.

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