Royal guard

We keep seeing more and more 787 liveries coming out of our paint hangars in Everett.


Here’s the first 787 to be delivered to AerCap and leased by THAI.

Yesterday, we got our first look at the first 787-8 for THAI. The airline is leasing the plane from AerCap.


THAI named the airplane “Ongkharak,” which is a district in central Thailand meaning “royal guard.”


THAI will eventually have six 787-8s in its fleet, along with two 787-9s.

Comments (2)

Paula (Perth):

Understated yet elegant. Lovely airplane. Congratulations to Thai.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I was not even aware that THAI ordered the 787, I have always thought that THAI was going to be an almost exclusive Airbus operator. The THAI Airways 787 looks very nice. Great for the European and smaller nearer by destinations.

THAI's purple and white livery stands in great contrast with the multi shades of blue and white ANA livery in the post above.

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