Buildup to Farnborough

Five days before the start of the Farnborough Airshow, Emirates today finalized its big order for 150 777Xs.


The 777X in Emirates livery.

This order shows just how strong and resilient the airplane market is. In fact, that’s one of the main points of our updated 2014 Current Market Outlook— which I’ll officially unveil tomorrow in London. And we believe our current and future widebody lineup featuring super-efficient airplanes like the 777X is perfectly in line with what the market is demanding.

The Emirates deal brings our net total orders for the year to 649 airplanes. Airbus finally released its order total through the end of June, showing only 290 net orders. We know business hasn’t really been that slow in Toulouse, so I expect to see an interesting air show from them.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

This is a keystone conversion in the Middle East. First Emirates dropped 70 A350's from its order book, Then it placed 787's to the book, and now has locked in the 150 777X's. The remaining Airbus new aircraft of note is its A380, which is a unique four engine item. Even though it has dropped the 70 A350 from its ordering it is tendering a second fly-by for Airbus hoping for a lower price and maintaining an order position it gave-up. It is also looking at Boeing's product line, also offered in renewed earnest for the 787's et al, since Emirates first went with the original 70 Airbus it had ordered-canceled. Even though you know all of this, and have been working so hard with your customers, I wanted other readers to know about about this Sea Change event, which is occuring with Boeing's marketing and superior product offering in the Middle East.

Martin (Rio, Brazil):

Emirates seems to focus its future fleet on 777-X and could well replace A380s, especially if Airbus chooses not to give that model a new set of engines.

From the link, it is clear that something is in the pipeline for a freight version of the 777-X. Can you share more details on this Randy?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I don't really see the 777 replacing the A380s at Emirates because they have nearly 100 planes if not so that have been on order or have been delivered. The 150 777-X order is a great sign from Emirates because by the time the 777-X's are delivered some of the 777-300s will need to be replaced.

I think to supplement Emirates need for a large aircraft in the future to replace older A380s and as well stand as a size-in between the A380 and the 777-300ER/9X, Boeing ought to invest in developing and launching a standard ten abreast, single deck, twin engine 2 x 130K thrust, 850-950K MTOW, 75-80 meter span, 80 meter long aircraft for Emirates and other airlines in need of capacity but find the weight of the A380 to high.

I think Emirates cancellation of the 70 A350s on order indicates the rather high weight of the aircraft and I think the airline ought to invest in 787-10s as they are lighter. I also think that the airline should invest in planes that not "gigantic" to cover destinations that are not huge but are essential, thats what Qantas when it acquired 767s to increase its flexibility from what was previously an all 747 fleet.

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