Dazzling day

The first day of the Farnborough Airshow came to an end with the 787-9 wowing the crowd during the flying display. It was the perfect way to wrap up what turned out to be a very busy day. In addition to these photos, check out this amazing video.


The 787-9 takes part in Monday’s flying display at Farnborough. Photos by Steve Eastell.


To no one’s surprise, Airbus kicked things off by formally launching the A330neo. I spent most of the day fielding questions from reporters about my thoughts on that move. As I told them, even talking about the A330neo proves that Airbus’ A350 strategy has failed. The A350-800 is basically extinct, and the A350-1000 isn’t going anywhere. Their answer— an airplane they pulled from the market 10 years ago. It couldn’t compete with the 787 then—and can’t compete in the future.

Entering the air show with 649 net orders on the year, we picked up another 51 orders and commitments on Day 1. We started things off with Monarch Airlines and their selection of the 737 MAX 8. It’s truly a pleasure to know the Monarch livery will once again be on 737s, and we appreciate their vote of confidence as they start a fleet transition to Boeing single-aisle airplanes.


Monarch Airlines and Boeing are finalizing terms and working towards a Purchase Agreement for 30 737 MAX 8s. Photo by Steve Eastell.

Okay Airways from China placed an order for 737 MAXs and Next-Generation 737s. And the leasing company Avolon committed to 787-9 Dreamliners and more 737 MAXs. We thank them all for their business and look forward to growing with them.


Okay Airways announced an order for six 737 MAX 8s and four Next-Generation 737-800s. Photo by Marian Lockhart.


Avolon announced a commitment for six 787-9 Dreamliners and five additional 737 MAX 9s. Photo by Marian Lockhart.

More announcements still to come as the week goes on—so stay tuned.

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Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

Boeing's widebody twin product lines have really trumped Airbus for years to come. Airbus is trying to compete with Boeing's all-new state of the art composite 787 with a re-engined aluminum last generation aircraft, while the 777X will outperform Airbus' A350 in range and capacity.

The only strongly competitive model Airbus has is the A350-900, while all of Boeing's new models are well positioned. With Airbus now locked into its A330 and A350 models, Boeing should dominate widebody twin sales for the next ten years.

The main problem Boeing has is lack of enough 787 production capacity to crush the A330, which will sell to airlines because they can't get near term 787 deliveries.

Siggenthal Station Steve (Siggenthal Station, Switzerland):

The 787-9 demo flight reminds me of the well powered 757 "Air-force" take-offs! Can't wait to see the -10 demo flight(and the 737MAX7/8/9's, the KC-46, the 777-9x/8x's, the 777-XF...and of course the SLS!). The next 6 years are going to be very entertaining for aerospace enthusiast!

Jeffery Shawgmin (Toronto, Ontario. Canada):

Me being a fair aviation enthusiast, Airbus' only factor over Boeing is size in my opinion.

The 787-8 can travel further while being more fuel efficient, and the 787-9 can travel even further and carry more passengers. Boeing has a pretty stacked lineup here. With the 737 Max, 787 Dreamliner, 777X, and 747-8, Boeing will dominate the passenger and cargo travel industries for years to come.

Dr Dorothy (Washington):

Congratulations to Boeing in Farnborough Air Show 2014 in England!

Congratulations to a successful Farnborough Air Show 2014 in England !

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

It is not a surprise that the A350-800 has hit the fans , the plane is 13 feet or so longer but it is far heavier and the range is comparable Hawaiian has traded up yesterday the A350-800 for the A330-800, the launch customer for the type. On the A350-1000 is not a piddly
sale, it is not strong in sales entity either. Though it can be claimed that the A350-1000 is lighter it's capacity and range is less than the 777-300ER and less than the A340-600 the plane it is assumed that the A350 succeeds.

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