Flying at Farnborough

The 787-9 has successfully wrapped up its validation flights at Farnborough. Now, we look forward to seeing it each day during the flying display starting Monday. Enjoy these fantastic photos taken by Boeing photographer Marian Lockhart during the validation flights.







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Simon Taylor:

Easily the best looking airliner around. And I'm British, so should be supporting the other team, but you win!

And, your display was much better and more dynamic.

Ross (Bellevue, Washington):

What a bird! Have a great air show.

Abdul Qaboos:


Looks very reminiscent of the flight by the 787-8 at the show two years ago.

I hope the 787-10 can participate too when it is flying in 2018.

Thank you for sharing these images Randy.

Robert Woods (Leeds,UK)):

Hi Randy, For a Kiwi who used to work for Air New Zealand when they first received the B747's and B767's it makes me proud and envious at the same time. The 787 is a beautiful aircraft and I enjoyed my contact with Boeing as a Systems Defect investigator. Keep up the great shots. Is there any video? rgds

T.Rennie (Wellington,NZ.):

What a beautiful bird,very slick, like the -8,now the -9,soon-10.Randy it would be nice to see the 747-8 on flying display at the airshow,just to show the a3s shes still the best looking airplane thats still flying today.

RobH (Springfield, MO):

Hands-down the second sexiest airplane in commercial aviation, right behind the 777 with those gorgeously-massive engines.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Quite a performance on that takeoff. The length to span ratio looks great and the range is what airlines want, a great competitor to the now launched A330-800/900NEO.

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

A fantastic plane. Wish Boeing a successful show at Farnborough.

Dick Eastaugh (Portugal):

Thank u SO much for showing theses Photos, just great! I'm now retired from a Life in Aviation, and My Life is Always around Aircraft etc. Just great, thank you.

Dr Dorothy (Washington):

Congratulations to Boeing in Farnborough Air Show in England 2014!

Congratulations to Boeing 1,531 booked gross commercial orders in 2013!

Congratulations too to Boeing firm net orders for 2014 stand at 783 by today!

Congratulations too to the successful Farnborough Air Show in England 2014!

All the best to our Boeing!

Best regards,
Dr Dorothy ( group of USA investors as well as UK, Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia, NZ investors who invest Boeing )

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