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As we reach the midway point of the year, I wanted to share a few observations on the orders and deliveries stats.

This past week, we booked 10 more orders—bringing our net order total for the year to 499 - a pretty nice number for the halfway mark.

We’ve had a consistent drumbeat of orders throughout the year, including a landmark deal with Air Canada for 61 of our 737 MAXs. It’s pretty clear that our customers are driving the timing of order announcements. We thank them all for their confidence in Boeing airplanes.

Airbus has yet to update their numbers, but it’s safe to say we’ll have a strong lead going into the Farnborough Airshow. As usual, we expect the race to tighten up once Airbus rolls out its stockpiled orders en masse the week of the show.

Across all programs, we’ve delivered a total of 342 airplanes through June 30. Our focus remains on executing our production rate increases and getting airplanes into the hands of our customers.

Deliveries by program will vary each month due to a variety of reasons. But I want to point out that we delivered 15 787s in June—a new record for the program. A total of 162 787s have now been delivered to 20 customers worldwide, including the first 787-9.

As I mentioned earlier, the second half of the year kicks off with the Farnborough Airshow. I’ll be heading over next week to unveil our new 2014 Current Market Outlook and look forward to bringing you details from the air show right here in my journal.

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Karl (New York):

Thanks Randy for this update. Surely looking forward to hear a lot more from you once you hit the Farnborough Airshow. Is there a possibility of the B787-10 scoring an important order there?

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

I too follow the numbers daily on Boeing progressions for both delivery and order. Its the same as going to the Doctor for blood pressure and heart rate. First up is congratulations for the 15 787 delivered. It represents how hard people are working on making the dream come true. Secondly, kudos for the 737 sales foot print. It stands on its own as it has gathered steam in China this last quarter. Finally, I have gained a better understanding for the 787 through the A350 first test flight with 150 journalist on board. One journalist remarked how quiet the 787 was compared to the A350 ride, that he just completed.

He remarked how comfortable Boeing's flights are when the A350 flexed through some bumpy air. The 787 was much smoother. Because of the Boeing smooth riding 787 concept,he realized it is a winner over its competitor the A350. Passengers will notice the 787 as the leader in world travel comfort. This journalist who quipped about the A350 and has traveled many times on the 787, stated, the difference is definitly apparent! Congratualtions to all on a job well done.

amit patel (cary nc):

Historically out of the annual orders, is there a month perhaps the airshow month where most of the orders come? I see 499 for the year again lagging 2013 but assume the airshow is when people can see and put their hands on newer models and technology and fire the orders up.

Also, good work as a company on 787 deliveries in June! The prod rate is still looking to be 10 a month or more?

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

A positive first half report cards.
Congrats to all in Boeing

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I hope to see ANA order the 787-10 as well as Korean Air, Delta Air Lines would also make a great candidate. Congrats on the delivery of Air New Zealand's first 787-9.

George Maccarone (Long Island, NY):


Best wishes for a record showing at the Farnborough Air Show. After all the hoopla surrounding the launch of the 787, the plane has established a solid record of performance, with the ranks of in-service Dreamliners growing by the day. Great job by Boeing and its suppliers and keep up the good work. Could you tell us what has been happening with the Ethiopian 787-8 that had an on-board battery fire several months ago. Fortunately that seems to have been a one-off event, and I hope the plane is repairable and is, or will soon be, back in service.

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