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Just a few weeks after our 1,500th 747 was delivered to Lufthansa, we’re getting ready for the next airline to take delivery of the new 747-8 Intercontinental.


The first 747-8 Intercontinental for Air China.

Air China’s first 747-8 recently rolled out of the paint hangar in Everett. Air China has five Intercontinentals on order. This first airplane will be delivered later in the fall.


Air China will become the second airline customer to take delivery of the Intercontinental. They plan to use the airplanes to expand their international routes.

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Yasser Zafar (London, England):

The Boeing 747-8i seriously looks amazing. I don't know why Boeing don't do more to advertise this gorgeous aircraft so more airlines become interested?
Would love to see British Airways fly the 747-8i when they decide to retire and replace their existing 747-400 series aircraft.

Marc Alexander (Springfield Gdns, Near JFK):

Since June, Lufthansa have been flying Intercontinentals to JFK in the evening. This is by far the nicest big aircraft to look at bar none. (no bias towards the A380). The 400 is big and the Intercontinental is massive in comparison. I'm a bit surprise at the AIR CHINA color scheme (why did they not chose a better one).
Anyway, advice to Boeing is to continue working on this aircraft with Project OZARK - increase range and takeoff weight and this will most likely get more orders. With the 777 and the 777x orders being successful with a big nm range, I think you need to make the 747 normal range a bit further for the future. Don't give up on the four engine giant flagship.
Finally, can't wait to see AIR CHINA flying there's soon to JFK.

Andy Guo (Vancouver):

Hello I am A frequent flyer of Air China and I would love to see more pictures of the plane and also pictures of the interior
Thank You

George Maccarone (Long Island, NY):

I was at an outdoor concert on Long Island last Wednesday evening. The music was entertaining, but the real show was put on by Boeing. I saw my first 747-8i (Lufthansa), turning right over our heads for final approach into JFK. She's a beauty and she looks so graceful gliding through the air! Having seen A-380s approaching JFK for the last few years, I can tell you that the difference between the two aircraft is startling. Seeing a 747-8i in the air is like watching Cinderella, while watching the A380 is like watching her ugly stepsisters. Thankfully, no stepsisters showed up last Wednesday night. The 747-8i was followed by a 777-300. I couldn't ascertain the airline because it flew directly overhead, gliding majestically (and quietly) through the sky at a somewhat lower altitude than most of the other aircraft in the pattern. The only thing that could top that was seeing a Dreamlifter turning for final about 1/2 hour later at twilight! There must have been a fair number of plane watchers in the audience, because the Dreamliner caused an audible buzz among the crowd as it flew over.

Thanks for a great night out!

P.S. How often do the Dreamlifters stop over at JFK?

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

That's a gorgeous airplane, well done to all!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The 747-8 really looks amazing in the Air China Livery.It would not be a surprise at all if Air China uses the new 747 to serve LAX.

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

Hi Randy,

Is this and Air China's other to-be-built 747-8's configured as combi's or are they full passenger jets?


Tim (Baltimore):

Beautiful plane bar none.

To bad it would cost $ billions if Boeing were to re engineer the 747-8 with a composite wing, a whole composite rudder, and tail to shave some weight from this beauty.

If only Boeing could get the 747-8 at 8500 NMs or more.

Have they ever thought of making the landing gear out of composite materials ?

richard campbell (nassau,np,bahamas):

China is the perfect market for the new 787-8 aircraft.boeing should go hard at marketing this aircraft at the china market because it is perfect for size,number of seats and in miles it can fly.air chana knows a good thing when it sees it.

Eric Lester (Everett, WA):

Great to see the newest version of the queen of the skies in a new livery, long may she reign.

Marc Alexander ((Springfield Gdns, Near JFK): ):

P.S. How often do the Dreamlifters stop over at JFK?
George Maccarone (Long Island, NY):

They usually fly them to JFK about 2 or 3 times a week. I was able to spot one on the ground and it is huge. No wonder they can carry the fuselage of the 787 and huge volumes of cargo.

Ted (Edinburgh):

Its great to see a second airline finally flying the passenger version of the 747-8. So many other airlines seem to be using the A380 but there's no doubting Boeing is better in the looks department. Regards

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