Growth spurt

Outside of a launch announcement, it’s not every day that we receive an order for 82 airplanes—much less from a single customer. But that’s exactly what happened today when BOC Aviation placed an order for 50 737 MAX 8s, 30 Next-Generation 737-800s and two 777-300ERs.

This is the largest order ever by the Singapore-based leasing company as it continues to grow its portfolio.


This particular order underscores two themes I’ve been talking about since the Farnborough Airshow. First, it once again shows that customers continue to gravitate toward the heart of the single-aisle market—the 160-seat space occupied by the 737 MAX 8 and 737-800. By the way, this announcement increases our total MAX orders to 2,219.

Second, we continue adding 777-300ER orders as we firm up the production bridge from today’s 777 to the new 777X.

We thank BOC Aviation for their business and continued trust in Boeing products.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Congratulations for making my day with this announcement. I mean congratulations for this sales effort with Singapore. It made my day with this announcement. Airlines continue to evaluate so carefully when comes to buying or leasing. This is quite an accomplished result for both BOC and Boeing. After the Farnborough event, the following reports greatly exaggerated the death of great sales announcements. I admit, this announcement knocked me off my stool, since I had it all figured out what would happen by years end. A Bloggers warning is appropriate, never know what comes next, only know what is.

Thank you Randy for keeping me real with great announcements.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats to BOC Aviation on the Big order, the 737 and 777 are in big demand.

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