Royal Guard

Thai Airways recently showcased the newest member of its fleet, the 787-8 Dreamliner. They invited hundreds of guests to a reception in Bangkok for a chance to get up close to the airplane called “Ongkharak,” named after a district in central Thailand meaning “royal guard.”


THAI employees form a human 787 to show off their new airplane.

This 787, owned by AerCap and leased to THAI, arrived in Bangkok on July 18th after a 15-hour, non-stop flight from our Everett factory.


Representatives of THAI and Boeing attended a reception to showcase the new 787.


An orchestra entertains guests at the THAI 787 reception.

THAI operated its first commercial flight with the 787 on July 25th from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand. With the delivery of a second 787, THAI will begin operating the airplane on international routes from Bangkok to Perth, Australia and Haneda, Japan sometime in September.

THAI’s third 787-8 will serve the Bangkok-Narita, Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok-Hanoi routes. Their fourth 787 delivery will operate the Bangkok-Nagoya route.

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Norman ////Long Beach, CA:

Congrats to THAI and Boeing on the 787, very nice livery. A lot can be done with the range and capacity the 787-8 has.

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