Seafair Sunday

A gorgeous weekend in Seattle was capped off by the 787-9 performing a flyover on the final day of the Seafair Festival. Boeing photographer Katie Lomax snapped these images as the airplane passed over Lake Washington.





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Edward (Newark):

It may not have been as impressive as the show at Farnboro but still amazing. Thanks Randy for sharing.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

What a clear day and great picture of of the 787-9. I know I am going to see those 787s real soon at my local international airport at LAX. I would loved to have ride along in the cabin and see the lake from the very clear skies.

Gary (Sydney) (Sydney NSW Australia):

Didn't Tex Johnston perform a barrel roll over Lake Washington in a Dash 80 (B707 prototype) circa 1955? I would hope the B787 had greater structural integrity.

Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

Now that the -9 is out, would it make sense to offer a -8 to match the -9's MTO weight, which would provide a range of 9.000+nm for extra long thin routes? It wouldn't seem to take much work to provide that capability. Perhaps after the -10?

Dr Dorothy (Washington):

Congratulations to Boeing for the total of 823 net orders so far this year!

Congratulations too to Boeing as United Airlines traded up a previous order for seven 787-8 Dreamliners for seven of the larger, more expensive 787-10s!

Peace and prosperous!

Best regards,

Dr Dorothy( group of investors from the booming and fizzling economy of USA as well as UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia)

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