Wide lead in widebodies

July turned out to be a very good month for Boeing in more ways than one. We booked 324 orders for the month— the largest number ever booked by Boeing in a single calendar month.

We’ve now recorded a total of 823 net orders for the year, versus 705 for Airbus (through July). As I said during the week of the Farnborough Airshow—this race is about 52 weeks, not just one.

What’s most striking about the numbers is our widebody lead. Boeing has booked 273 twin-aisle orders so far this year, while Airbus is in negative territory at -27. It’s nice to see that our widebody strategy continues to be successful with a product lineup that is unmatched.

Our delivery centers continue to be busy as well. 58 airplanes were delivered in July, bringing us to an even 400 for the year. It also topped Airbus’ total of 352.

Moving ahead, this is even more motivation to execute on our plans to make this a very good year for Boeing. Congratulations to everyone on our teams for a summer to remember.

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David (Seattle):

Now that is great news and something to be proud of. The factory in Everett is a must see for all my out of town visitors. Congratulations as Randy says.

Another Dave (Seattle):

Congrats for a good month and year. Keep those wide-bodys rolling out. I flew the 787 to Tokyo recently, and the A380 from there to Singapore. The A380 interior was gorgeous, but the 787 was a better flight, by far. Stay five steps ahead, to benefit all us flying geeks, please.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Its was a great month for Boeing, Indeed! It's full steam ahead, marking 99 orders booked in May, and 109 in June regardless of airshow pomp and ceremony. Boeing just keeps on booking no matter the circumstance. I have been tracking the order book for some time as a way of sensing what the market is doing. Fall seems like a time for the 747 to get some order mention as well as more 787 orders. The production proving ground for delivery validation, will inspire more orders as airlines mull its options in the market place. Congratulations for the effort of working with customers in making its own vision come to a reality when ordering the 777X and 777-300-ER from Boeing.

Dr Dorothy (Washington):

Congratulations to Boeing for its largest product launch in commercial jetliner history with last 2013 net orders of 1037, and always contributing lots to our USA and helping to boost the economy and GDP of our country!

Congratulations to American Airlines, US Airways to form largest air travel giant where American Airline is ordering hundreds aircrafts from the Boeing !Another rich , robust, booming, fizzling, blossom and advancement of our USA aviation besides aerospace in this era!

Congratulations to Boeing for all its latest hi tech and extreme advanced invention products for our US defense, commercial, flying hospital, flying operations theatres and etc in the era!Indeed, its the extreme and extraordinary booming , speeding and advancing of the hi-tech besides booming and fizzling of economy especially in this peace, prosperous, advancing ,flourishing, joyful Catholic Millennium 1-1-2014 in my husband Sean and mine USA as well as our relatives countries of UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia!

Flying by Boeing X 51 from London to USA could be only 45 minutes,approximately 4,000 miles per hour (6,400 km/h) at altitude, that's really advanced! (The Boeing X-51 is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic flight testing. It successfully completed its first free-flight on 26 May 2010 and also achieved the longest duration flight at speeds over Mach 5.)

Peace , prosperous, booming and advancing!

Best regards,
Dr Dorothy ( Same as my husband Sean who are groups of investors of our USA as well as Uk , Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia)

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

This is a story about p2p vs. hub-n-spoke. Goes back all the way to the launch of the exclusively GE90-powered longer-range 777-200X/-300X that eventually became the 777-200LR and the -300ER. Or, to the evolution of the 767 and ETOPs still further back. Saw DAL200 overhead a short while ago.

The evolution of the Boeing Company's point to point strategy reached an impressive milestone in the past decade when the 777-300ER began delivering 1970s-era 747 Classics (747-200) capability more reliably, more efficiently, and with greater market deployability and flexibility - drastically reducing risk to airline customers.

Indeed, the latest T7 does more than what was possible in the past - with just two engines. It's a super effort of manufacturer, engine and systems suppliers, aviation regulators, airline customers, and bold financial backers.

Ted (Edinburgh):

The launch of the 777X has surely trumped Airbus. How are we doing with Max v Neo sales Randy? Congrats to all.

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