Turkish delight

The folks attending the Airex Istanbul Airshow will get a big treat this week when one of Lufthansa’s 747-8 Intercontinentals lands at the show. It will be on static display through September 25.


One of Lufthansa’s 747-8s will be on display at Airex in Istanbul.

The 747-8 was just one of the many topics when I spoke at ISTAT Europe in Istanbul earlier this week. While the market has definitely changed over the past couple of years, we still have incredible confidence in the airplane and how it fits into our overall product lineup.

While I was in Istanbul, I also hosted a market briefing on Turkey, which has a domestic marketplace of 80 million people who are rapidly becoming wealthy enough to travel via air. And airlines are ordering, with a strong backlog of over 300 airplanes on order.


Istanbul itself is optimally located for international travel. And congestion issues are creating the need for a third airport in the city by the end of this decade.

It’s been a great trip—and I’ll leave you with a photo of a basket of some Turkish breakfast bread called simit.


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Abu Khan (Washington, DC):

Hi Randy,

Are you giving us a hint about Turkish airlines new order of 747-8? I definitely would like to see more orders of the queen of the sky.


Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

I remember a week or two ago I saw a Lufthansa 747-8 Intercontinental approach LAX from a distance. Even from that distance it was quite a plane to see. Hopefully the 747-8 will attract additional orders at the Airex Airshow.

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