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I want to share some absolutely gorgeous air to air photographs of an Air Canada 787. The airplane was photographed from a Learjet by Brian Losito, Air Canada’s official photographer, over the Washington coast. Our thanks to Brian and all our friends at Air Canada.







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Tom Ryan (Chicago, IL):

Really beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Awesome Canada From The Air.

Paul Dokken (Aiyura, Papua New Guinea):

What a beautiful aircraft. I can't wait to fly on one.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Nice shots of the Air Canada 787, I really love the shade of the Learjet on the fourth image down. The first picture has to be my favorite background shot.

Dr Dorothy (Washington , Virginia):

Really marvellous Air Canada 787!
BTW, congratulations too to US-CANADA FTA since last time!

Robert (Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada):

WOW! Great shots of "the People's Airline" livery on an amazing aircraft. I cannot WAIT to see it on a 787-9!. Hey AC! Ask Boeing to move a couple of 9's Up on the production sked, please?

Rob (Vancouver, Canada):

Hi Randy,

I just happened to have another look at the Air Canada 787 photos and did I miss read in your earlier posting that the location of the background scenery has now changed from the West Coast of Canada to Washington State?
Either way, great pictures and beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

Was the picture taken after AC took delivery of the 787 from Everett?

Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

The 787 is the most innovative commercial aircraft since the 707, and its backlog is a testament to how well it has been accepted by airline customers.

However, Boeing is apparently still having difficulty smoothing the production process to clear its large backlog of partially finished aircraft and begin to make money on the program.

That's unfortunate since the 7 year backlog will give billions of dollars of business to Airbus's inferior A330 because airlines often can't wait 8-10 years to get the aircraft they need.

Boeing might consider putting one of their top 737 production managers in charge of 787 production. You need someone who understands how to crank up production of this aircraft to much higher levels to avoid leaving one heck of a lot of business on the table.

William (Montreal ):

Hi Nick.. Huge responsibility to know everything. Believe me Boeing knows what to do.

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