The list keeps growing

The list of new customers taking first delivery of their first 777-300ER keeps growing. China Airlines became the most recent recipient last Friday when it took delivery of the first of 10 777-300ERs it has on order.


The first 777-300ER for China Airlines.

This airplane continues to open up new markets for our customers. China Airlines will begin operating its new 777-300ER to Hong Kong this month and eventually introduce it on trans-Pacific routes to connect Taipei with major cities in North America, including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.


LED lighting in China Airlines’ first 777-300ER cabin interior casts a embracing glow. Katie Lomax photo.

China Airlines will also impress its passengers with a new cabin interior in the 777-300ER. The design team was led by Taiwanese architect Ray Chen, whose award-winning structures and designs are known for weaving Eastern aesthetics into modern and minimalist designs.


A specially designed galley area is one of several features on China Airlines’ first 777-300ER. Katie Lomax photo.


China Airlines’ new 777-300ER configuration seats 358 passengers in a three-class layout. The layout is highlighted by new Family Couch seats in economy class, where three seats convert into a flat surface. Katie Lomax photo.

There’s nothing like seeing the reactions of customers when they see their finished 777-300ER for the first time. And we look forward to many more.

Comments (4)

Ben Bearup (Atlanta, Georgia):

Looks amazing! Congrats to China Airlines and Boeing for another success. Would love to see China Airlines grow service throughout North America.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The China Airlines livery looks very nice on the 777-300ER. The 747-8I would look spectacular in those colors.

Devesh Agarwal (Bangalore, India):

kudos to all your Boeing colleagues Randy.

And I envy the wonderful photos you post, but we cannot get from the Boeing PR team ;)

Best regards

Mike Whitney (Manchester, UK):

Congratulations to China Airlines on their first B777-300ER. The livery suits the frame very well.
I'm more impressed though with the decor and fittings of the J class cabin. Ray Chen has done an awesome job effecting the fusion of eastern themes with modern technology and materials. The end result is a warm, welcoming and relaxing ambience which should be a pleasure to fly in.
Well done Boeing and China Airlines !

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