Hometown proud

It’s always special to see “Proudly All Boeing” written on the nose of an Alaska Airlines 737. That’s why Alaska’s order today for 10 more 737-900ERs is positive news for us and our hometown partner here in Seattle.


Alaska’s newest 737-900ER is prepped for delivery at Seattle’s Boeing Field.

Today’s purchase brings Alaska’s total Boeing jets on order to 74. We appreciate their commitment to a locally manufactured fleet of the most fuel efficient airplanes in the market. These new 737-900ERs will replace Alaska’s 737-400s, giving passengers the chance to enjoy the Boeing Sky Interior with larger overhead bins and power outlets at every seat.

To celebrate today’s order, Alaska has launched a “Keys to the Sky” scavenger hunt in Seattle. Five winners will get to test drive a 737 simulator and grab two round trip tickets on Alaska. Click here for full details.

Thanks to Alaska for adding to their all-Boeing fleet and good luck to everyone taking part in the scavenger hunt.

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Graham Kettle (Scottsdale, AZ, USA):

Unidentified Customers

As of Sept 2014 your website shows an astonishing 993 orders from unidentified customers. Why is this, particularly when many are over 12 months old. Airbus always declare customers almost immediately.

Graham Kettle
Boeing Supporter!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Alaska has one of the most modern fleets in the industry. Hopefully Alaska Airlines can bring 737 service to Long Beach which currently has no Boeing passenger aircraft being used at this time.

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Graham,

Many of our customers choose to remain unidentified for certain reasons. We leave it up to them on when to go public.



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