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We had to revise our 787 route map today after United Airlines completed what is now the longest nonstop Dreamliner route in the world. UAL Flight 98, a 787-9, left Los Angeles around 10:30pm Pacific on Sunday night, and landed in Melbourne about 15 hours later.


United’s new Boeing 787-9 at Terminal 7, gate 74, at LAX prior to launching the longest 787 route in the world.


United representatives and Australian officials perform a ribbon cutting for the launch of the airline’s new nonstop Dreamliner service to Melbourne.

The flight, coming in at 6,882 nautical miles, now tops our list for the longest 787 nonstop route. It beat out the previous record of 6,217 nautical miles held by Ethiopian Airlines on their Toronto to Addis Ababa route. Here’s a look at the new list of Top 10 Longest Routes for the 787:

  1. United, Los Angeles to Melbourne: 6,882 nmi
  2. Ethiopian, Toronto to Addis Ababa: 6,217 nmi
  3. Aeromexico, Tokyo to Mexico City: 6,086 nmi
  4. United, San Francisco to Chengdu: 5,970 nmi
  5. JAL, New York to Toyko: 5,861 nmi
  6. Hainan, Beijing to Boston: 5,855 nmi
  7. JAL, Tokyo to Boston: 5,824 nmi
  8. LAN, Madrid to Santiago: 5,776 nmi
  9. Hainan, Chicago to Beijing: 5,718 nmi
  10. Hainan, Beijing to Toronto: 5,717 nmi

United’s 787-9 after landing in Melbourne.

It’s exciting for us to see the 787 do exactly what we promised our customers it would do—- open up new routes all over the world. Congratulations to United on this record flight.

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James Baloun (Sunnyvale, California):

The 787 is delivering as promised. Looking at the routes being flow, I wonder how much need is there for ETOPS beyond 330 minutes? Maybe 1% of the market?

Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

United also used a 787-8 on the route the next day.

United should use their new 787-9's for a direct flight between LAX and Singapore. Since Singapore Airlines discontinued its money-losing A340 flights, Singapore must be the largest air hub without a direct flight to the US, and the 787-9 could do it. That would give the 9 bragging rights for the longest air route in the world.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Watch this flight mapping on Flightaware, because I can without harm to holding a job. It is a great accomplishment for Boeing, and United. I also watched the around the world flight flown by the 787-8 on flight aware when it landed once during its first 18 hours on the sub continent and then resumed heading easst to Paine Field for another 17 and a half hours. That was Epic too! United Flight 98 to Melborne with a loaded 787-9 was 14.5 hours seating 252 people with luggage supplies and crew. People now can realise the 787-9's worth as it game changes many routes that were abandon by the less efficient A-340 on transoceanic flights. Here comes the 787-9.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The 787-9 does as advertised. That is quite a list of cities that can be reached by a 787. For the A340 potential successor I'd say the 777-8X could have Singapore to Los Angeles or New York covered.

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