Sounds of progress

The sounds of progress could be heard everywhere as we broke ground today for the new 777X composite wing center in Everett. With construction equipment blaring away in the background, we celebrated the present and looked toward the future.


This aerial view above the Everett site shows how much construction is already underway on the 777X composite wing center site.

The 777X wing center will be massive. 1 million square feet, big enough to house 25 football fields. Inside, it will be the home of three autoclaves—some of the largest in the world. When the facility opens in 2016, it will put our employees on the cutting edge of composite technology.


This artist’s rendering shows the exterior of the future 777X composite wing center.


This drawing shows the interior of the facility and the three giant autoclaves.

Boeing’s investment of more than $1 billion in construction and outfitting of the building alone proves just how important this airplane is to the company, our employees and the entire Puget Sound region. Here’s a look at today’s celebration in photos.


Celebrating the groundbreaking in Everett. Katie Lomax photo.


A time capsule made of composites will be placed on the site of the 777X wing center. It will be filled with special items from Boeing employees and the community— including a photo of the Lombardi trophy from the Seattle Seahawks and a Felix Hernandez bobblehead from the Seattle Mariners.


BCA President and CEO Ray Conner is surprised with a composite shovel to use for the groundbreaking. Katie Lomax photo.


Here’s to the future! Katie Lomax photo.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Commitment to the Northwest is shown in pictures, and in a grand effort. Even an hour south by freeway, is an alignment for the MAX project inside its 737 NG production facilities. These dual commitments will parallel each other in its own progress reports. The excitement currently is in Everett, as those giant autoclaves signify Boeing will bring home composite manufacturing right at the assembly plant's drive way. Thank you for posting these photos and making this moment a special recognition, as it symbolizes how serious Boeing is, when it proposes to build the world's best airplanes for all its customers.

Dr Dorothy (Washington , Virginia):

Congratulations to the rich, robust, booming, advancing and peace Boeing!

Congratulations to

8X oil field of the whole world found in Colorado during President Bush time due to technology advancement!

17X oil field of the whole world found in Utah recently due to technology advancement! and

25X football fields size of Boeing 777X wing center in Everett due to all great efforts of Boeing leaders, teams and staffs!

Bruce Anderson (Seattle):

So, why not a solar array on this new building? Looks like the roof is clean enough to be a simple task.

Charleston's array shouldn't be Boeing's only.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The most significant component to the new 777X in comparison to the older models is the wing, totally different and bigger. More local construction is a great boon for the places and people already trained in aircraft manufacturing.

Rodney Marinkovic (Kraljevo, Serbia):

Great people as BOEING's people delivering top aircrafts to the people of the world. all ways have been, all ways will be! B777x is just one of many to came.
Rodney & Son. Home of Qantasville, Serbia.

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