Dash 9 moving down the line

We’re marking another milestone for the 787 program as Boeing South Carolina began final assembly of its first 787-9. Employees started the process of joining large fuselage sections of the newest 787 on schedule. The airplane will be delivered the United Airlines.


The first Boeing South Carolina-built 787-9 is now in final assembly. Alan Marts photo.

In addition to beginning final assembly, the South Carolina team began fabricating its first 787-9 interior components and painted their first 787-9 vertical fin.

The North Charleston site now joins our Everett team, which began 787-9 production in May 2013, in this accomplishment.

The 787-9 has received a total of 456 orders, with Air New Zealand, ANA, United and Virgin Atlantic already taking delivery. We look forward to getting all of these airplanes into the hands of our customers.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Looks like quite a plane, a good way to ease up on the waiting time for airlines that need the aircraft sooner rather than later. 456 767-9s on order certainly is a good start, I know Charleston will be the exclusive place where the 787-10 will be built.

Brenda N. McManus (BSC):

Enjoy your blog.

Proud to build 787 & -9 in South Carolina.

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