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In the coming months, we’ll deliver Royal Air Maroc’s first two 787s — making them the first Dreamliner operator in North Africa and the Mediterranean region.

This week, the Moroccan flag carrier’s first 787 rolled out of our paint hangar in Everett in the airline’s stunning white livery.



Royal Air Maroc plans to use the 787 on existing destinations from its base in Casablanca to North America and Europe, as well as opening up new routes. Enjoy these images from our photographer Tim Stake.





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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats to Boeing and Royal Air Maroc on the delivery of RAM's first 787 Dreamliner.

James Baloun (Sunnyvale, California):

Royal Air Maroc and the Dreamliner.
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Mohammed BENATYA (Paris):



Can't wait , we've been waiting for so long!

Anthony (ghana):


TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

Nice livery. I'd say it compliments the lines of the 787 better than even the dreamliner scheme.

I saw a picture of the Qantas retro 737-800 which looks great. There should be an FAA rule that all stripes between the doors are parallel to the window belt, enough of these waves flying all over the window belt, this is out of control.

Mohamed (New jersey):

Dream come true


Good news for both Boeing & Morocco air line. My question to Mr. Randy, do you think Boeing will be able to meet its commitment and deliver another 20 planes before the end of the year. (31 Dec. 2014).???????
I wish so, but all things on ground does not reflect that.
Boeing has to work very hard to meet its commitment.
We don't see these troubles available within Airbus production lines.

rsal (USA):

What a beautiful bird.
Congratulation for both Boeing & Air Moroco

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