Ending October

We’ve just released the orders and deliveries totals through the end of October. While Boeing still leads in all categories, we expect to see a race to the finish line.


Boeing: 1,046

Airbus: 794


Boeing: 1,152

Airbus: 1,080


Boeing: 590

Airbus: 493

The delivery total for Boeing includes 90 787s, and we remain on track to meet our year-end targets.

One of the new orders we added in the past week was from Monarch Airlines. They finalized an order for 30 737 MAX 8s. It marks the beginning of the British carrier’s transition to an all-Boeing single-aisle fleet, something we are incredibly honored by and proud of. Our total MAX orders now stand at 2,326.


Air Canada also announced their previously unidentified order for two more 777-300ERs. We’re excited to see their 777 fleet continue to grow— and learn more about how the airplanes fit into the airline’s new plans unveiled today.


Thanks to all our customers for already making this such a good year. We look foward to the final few weeks of 2014.

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Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):


You hinted at the "last two weeks of this year". I know Ryan Air has commited to the Max 200c with up to 200 orders. I am aware of several other orders from Asia which are Commited but not yet finalised until at the appropriate time the customer will announce. I also know you are descrete with the customers wishes for order announcements. So I won't apply a question at this point expecting an answer. All I can say is Boeing has a Christmas message for all its employees with some end of year announcements, which are not yet ready. I am anxious to see the final tally. I can only imagine 1,000 plus 737's ordered this year. Cheers for you and yours this Thanksgiving.

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

What a big overcome!Boeing is being more efficient per square meter of assembly structure than the whole Airbus Group.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

It wont be long until 737 MAX orders come to parody and surpasses the A320NEO.

I think Airbus despite the new USS FAA certification of their A350 congratulations do, their A350-800 is in limbo and the A330 NEO is not progressing with expected orders.

Also I don't see, in range, or in seating capacity, a competitive replacement for the 757 in the form of an A321NEO-LR that is the same length and wingspan of the A321-CEO/NEO. the A321 is 10 feet shorter in length and it's wingspan is 13 feet shorter than the 757. A more competitive a321 would include a simple stretch, a new wing and an enhanced double dual tandem landing gear.

Congrats to Boeing on leading the orders.

Neill B (Hertford):

Norman, it has been an excellent year for Boeing sales of almost all models but I feel it important to add some balance here. It's perhaps ironic that Delta have just confirmed an order for Airbus's A350 and their planned A330neo. Another feather in the cap for Airbus? It's clear their -800 does not appeal in the same way the 787-3 didn't for Boeing.

As for the Max, I have no doubt it will further close the gap with the Neo though it would seem to me that Airbus's A321neo will secure some sales from airlines retiring their 757s.

All in all, competition has to be a good thing and drives manufacturers forward. Congratulations to both seems in order to me.

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