Ending November

As we head into the final weeks of 2014, the orders race is beginning to tighten just as I predicted.

We added 224 net orders to our books in the month of November, bringing our net total to 1,274 (through Dec. 2). That includes the big MAX orders from Ryanair and SMBC Aviation Capital.

The 737 MAX continues to build momentum with 2,557 total orders since its launch. We started the year with 32 MAX customers, and grew that to 54 today.

Our factories and delivery centers continue to be very busy. We stood at 647 deliveries through the end of November. During the same period a year ago, we had 580 deliveries. It proves we’re executing on our production rate increases and getting more airplanes into the hands of our customers. In fact, we’re on track to out-deliver the competition on both single-aisle and widebody airplanes.

Thanks to all of our customers as we head down the home stretch of 2014.

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DAVID DELA HEYMANN (Accra, Ghana. ):

I hope the medium range versions of the 737 max will have personalised entertainment systems as pertains to the Boeing 777. Most of the 737 NGs don't. I just flew on an ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES 737-800 NG from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Accra, Ghana, a 5 hour 40 minutes flight, smooth flight though but we are all condemned to boring video on the retractable screens mounted above the seats. Please do well to enhance personalised entertainment features in the 737 max.
Also in the toilets (737 NG ) one cannot wash both hands under running water without constantly keeping the other hand on the tap just to keep the water flowing. Intermittent flows yes! But this should enable one to wash both hands under running water, as best practice hygiene. Thanks.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The "B" Team loves it when a plan comes together! Congratualation on the startling numbers. I almost forgot about the Ryan Air commitment from September 2014 going "Ordered". When I saw that booked, it made me more enthusiastic for the program. Closing the NEO gap is a long process, where the Max has made remarkable progress. I am confident when the Max comes out and performs, it will sell itself from a Mission Accomplished perspective. The 737- 200 is going to be great. Send me some tickets, "just kidding"!:)

Julien MBARGA (Paris FRANCE):

Thanks for the success of the 737 MAX. However, a lot of companies want to replace their 757 and the vice6president of Boeing said that they didn't plan any new aircraft to replace the 757. 737-900MAX is adapted for that. Please, why you give this long range market to Airbus with A 321 Neo LR? Why you don't understand the needs of your customers? PLEASE, American, Delta and maybe United will buy Airbus A 321 Neo LR and Boeing will lose the market. What a pity?

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

From 32 to 54 customers for the 737 MAX in one year is huge jump...and it would still be a while until the 737 MAX enters service in 2017. I did not think initially that the number of 737 MAX orders could ever exceed than of the "Next Generation" orders but it may be possible with 2,557 orders as of now and a lot of time to go until delivery.

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