Mamma Mia!

It’s hard to believe, but LOT’s 787 fleet has now carried more than half a million people. And to celebrate, the airline had some fun with a very unsuspecting passenger.


As the 500,000th passenger checked in for his flight, a flash mob performed songs from the musical “Mamma Mia!” right in the middle of Warsaw Chopin Airport. Whether you’re a fan of ABBA or not, the video below is a must-see.

Congratulations to LOT and their lucky passenger. By the way, the 787 fleet has now flown more than 31 million passengers in total.

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Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Poland always surprising the world! Go Poland! You are a great example to the humanity!

Rob (Tampa):

I love the look on the guy's face. Great stuff Randy.

V V (Montreal, Quebec):

That's what you call Dreamliner effect. They are happy.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

That is a lot of satisfied customers and people transported safely.

Jenny (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

I LOVE IT!!!!!

John Singer (Moneta, VA):

Greatest aviation video ever. Wish US airlines would loosen up and do some of the same. Way to celebrate the success of the 787!

David (Everett Delivery Center) (Everett, Washington, USA):

Randy, can hardly wait to show this LOT MamaMia celebration video to my team of 787 delivery inspectors. Sometimes we are so steeped in the tempo and urgentcy of our delivery tasks that we can't see how freeking excited people, our customers, are about the wonderous and yes magical product we build! Wow!

Don MacKenzie (Cromwell New Zealand):

When every one is under stress at international airports it great to see Polish airlines taking the initiative and putting a smile on everyone's face. Well done.

Nadine Gardner (Melbourne, Australia):

OH! that was SO good. What a great way to advertise. It made me want to dance with them! Next time I fly to Europe, Polish airlines it is!

Aruna (calgary canada):

What a beautiful way to advertise, It made me feel so happy to see , every one dancing. Happy, even the captain in his uniform, wonderful.loved it.

Ravinder (Mumbai, India):

A fantastic way to celebrate! Hope others do it more often. Helps releive the strain and attracts more pasengers.

M S Balakrishnan (Delhi, India):

The passenger may definitely have been embarrassed but I can't think of a better way for the airline to have honoured him. LOT deserves an accolade for the wonderful manner in which the event was managed and it surely made my day cheerful.

Danny Pariat (Shillong,Meghalaya,India):

Beautifully done,we need something like this to lighten up things. Would like to know more of LOT,hardly hear of them,.

Murali Warrierr (Thrissur, Kerala, India.):

Wow!!! Well done LOT.

John Masse (Florida):

The only American carrier that would do this is my favorite, Southwest!

Sudesh ummat (Vancouver. BC):

Wonderful idea to relieve the stress at the airport
My wife made me dance at home also.

Ravindranathan (Bangalore , India ):

It is such a joy to watch this spontaneous expression of celebration & joy . Life is worth living just to be part of such experience . Marvellous !!

Diptiman Roy Choudhury (mumbai):

Spontaneous, great. Pleasure to watch

Manmohan Bhatia (Delhi, India):

A great and effective show. Shows the human side of LOT and their desire to make the passengers happy to be associated with them.
Great Going, you have won many a hearts and future fliers too!!
God Bless

shyam verma (Brisbane):

I have a dream to be treated like that too. Perhaps as the millionth passenger!!

Michelle Lim (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Great going LOT! Unconventional, unexpected fun with joyful ABBA music. LOT, you are a Dreamliner....

Prakash Sanadi (Pune, India):

EXCEPTIONAL. A great way of showing solidarity of Airlines & Passengers. Thanks Poland for showing the way.

joginder Dange (mumbai india):

man, what a show...really impressed with idea of felicitating passenger with so much affection and attention....way to go LOT

Ramesh (India Bombay):

Beautiful way to give a surprise the passenger, Hope the Indian carriers also follow such ways in Indian style.

jean.laflamme (ottawa,ontario,canada):

Airlines needs a customer service revamp. Travelling is a dismal proposition at this point. Make the experience outstanding and you will have outstanding profits.

Bunty Bain (Wanneroo, WA, Australia.):

This is the best flash mob I have ever seen and the young man enjoyed it too. Great singing and dancing. It says a lot for the Poles.

Margaret Hayes (Perth, West Australia):

Whoopee! A wonderful video that everyone in that check-in section enjoyed. Well done LOT!

balwinder (India ):

Impressed. Out of box PR . Loved it. Dreamliner,I am sure you will achieve many more laurels

Ian Moore (Wollongong ,Australia):

great idea...certainly relieves the tedious pre-boarding stress...great advertising

Frank Adams (London England):

I get the same treatment every time I fly!!!!!!!!

Imran Choudhury (Dhaka, Bangladesh.):

The best so far from any airline of the world. Hats off to you LOT, wonderful job.

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