Fierce competition

Now that the competition is out with its 2014 numbers for orders and deliveries, it gives us a clear picture of just how amazing last year was for Boeing.

First and foremost, we retained our place as the world’s largest airplane manufacturer for the third year in a row by delivering an industry record 723 airplanes. In fact, we delivered 63 percent of all twin-aisle airplanes while outselling the competition by almost three to one on widebodies. When you also consider that we also captured half the market for single-aisle airplanes, it’s clear that our market position is stronger than ever.

While Airbus sold a few more airplanes last year, the value of our order book is second to none. Thanks to a mix of single aisle and widebody orders, our net orders totaled $232.7 billion at list prices. Airbus’ net orders totaled $174.6 billion.

The bottom line is that we’ve filled our skyline for years to come thanks to the dedication of our employees and the confidence shown by our customers.

Looking ahead to this year, passenger traffic should grow at or above 6 percent. We expect another good year for cargo. And with lower fuel prices, we expect a continued tailwind for our customers in terms of profitability.

We know the competition will be fierce again in 2015, but we’re up for the challenge.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Airbus had just the A330 in twin aisle aircraft, Boeing had the 777, 787, and the 767 in that market in 2014. Though the A350 goes into revenue this month Boeing will still have the delivery edge in wide body twins in 2015.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Sounds like Boeing sold 1.333 times what Airbus did, according to the rules of significant figures.

Julien (Paris France):

Competition with Airbus will be fierce. However? Airbus is now the leader of the market in the long haul single aisle with A 321 Neo Lr. Boeing tried to convince us that the 737 900ER is better . It isn't true. BOEING has to react. Boeing lost the market of DELTA with A 330Neo, because Boeing refused to updated the former 767. Instead of explaining that the 737-900ER can fit the missions of the 757-200, instead ofthe A321 Neo LR, what is really the philosophy of Boeing? I understand that the value of the share is more convenient for the shareholders, however, BOEING has to care of his future. AIRBUS is a fierce competitor. you have to consider Airbus.

V V (Montreal, Quebec):

And what is the estimated delivery value in 2014?

Mike (El Monte):

That's common sense but not many journalists seem to get it. They would say Toyota is 4000 times bigger than Boeing because Toyota sold 3 million cars while Boeing sold only 750 airplanes.

Kinbin (Taipei, Taiwan):

Keep up the hard work by plugging away, like them Seahawks.

And then send the competition packing, like them Packers.


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