No looking back

As we continue to push into 2015, the numbers from today’s earnings report show that Boeing is in one its strongest positions ever. As our Chairman pointed out, we’ve “de-risked a decade” of new product development while expanding the performance and efficiency of our airplanes.

Our record backlog of nearly 5,800 airplanes is equal to approximately eight years of production at current rates. That’s one of the main reasons we have five more production rate increases scheduled over the remainder of the decade.

Of course, the proof is in the deliveries. Last year, we delivered an industry record 723 airplanes. This year’s guidance calls for between 750 and 755 commercial deliveries. 787 deliveries for 2015 are expected to be in line with the 10 per month production rate, as well as a few early-build deliveries.

Now we turn our focus on 2015 priorities including the start of final assembly for the 737 MAX, continued production efficiencies on the 787 and our sales campaigns to support the successful transition from the 777 to the 777X.

While 2014 was indeed a great year, there’s no looking back in this business.

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Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Not bad, a great 2014, just yesterday on the 30th, ANA just ordered 3 787-10 and a few 737s, 1.4 billion dollars worth compared to Airbus' 828 million.

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