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We take pride in every airplane we build. But the best compliments about our products come from our customers and the flying public. That’s why I was happy to see that two of Boeing’s twin-aisle airplanes led the industry in passenger preference in 2014.


The 777-300ER has been selected by business travelers as the Best Aircraft Type year after year.

The 777 was named “Best Aircraft Type” by readers of both Premier Traveler, a three-peat for the program, and Business Traveler - for the fourth year in a row.

And in a first for the 787 Dreamliner family, the 787 was voted “Best Aircraft Type for 2014” by readers of Global Traveler.


Boeing designed the 787 Dreamliner with passengers in mind, a fact not lost on readers of Global Traveler magazine.

With features that help promote passenger comfort, our customers are able to stand out in a highly competitive global market.

Congratulations to the 777 and 787 teams. You can learn more about the 777 here, and more about the 787 here.


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Roger (Boston):

I've had the good fortune to fly the 777 several times and believe it to be the finest in the air. Looking forward to the X.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on having the 777 and 787 being chosen as being the most preferred airliner to travel on in the world. I know the 777 was designed as a DC-10, L-1011, and 747-SP replacement and compete with the A340-300 and MD-11. Those days 25 years ago when the 777 was designed planes had slightly wider seats in economy so the plane is a bit wider so I think passengers benefit highly from a nine abreast 777.

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Congratulations to Boeing for producing the very BEST AIRCRAFT!

Vlastislav Vyprachticky (Czech Rep.):

Dear Sirs,

Congratulations on your evaluation of your great products.

Sincerely V.V.

Mo (Greater Manchester UK):

Its all about the B777. ALWAYS! Here in Manchester we see regular 787 flights. I agree with what Boeing have been saying. The 787 has opened up new routes across the world that would not be feasable with larger aircraft. Thompson, have been deploying these aircraft on existing destinations and opening up new ones. The 787 is a lean, mean fighting machine. I wish boeing and everybody that has helped build the 787 all the sucess.

Mustafa Mehdar (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia):

I agree 100% about the great B-777. It is very stable and tolerable especially in turbulence. I love it!
Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to fly in the Dreamliner yet. I am looking forward to it very soon. I am sure it must be like its sister.

Anyhow, I do believe on the saying: if it is not Boeing, I am not going!

Peter Wyeth (England, Great Britain):

Well, all I can say is brilliant. Flown all models of 777 since its conception love them. Will make my first dreamliner flight this March with United. The fact is I souce all my trips to fly Boeing aeroplanes only.
By far the leader.

Oleg Kuzmiin (Lithuania-town Klaipeda):

Hello All people. I proud Boeings 777 and 787 planes-this models.I like very much planes,i have a big collection in my home-it is i have 15 planes,boeings and Airbuses.But my famouse planes it is 777-200ER,777-200LR AND 777-300ER--- I HAVE THIS MODELS IN MY COLLECTION IN MY HOME.I want to say about this planes,i thinking this models it is a best and beautyfull planes in the world:)))

Daniel Gonzalezrubio (Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia):

Congratulations Boeing is Boeing, we are proud of Avianca carrier for its 3 Boein g 787/8 Dreamliner, the first flight was beteween Bogota-New York city.
Best regards.

Emmanuel (Greece):

Should I say that this was expected? I use to choose premium economy where available and I 've flown with various european airlines on 777s (such as BA, KLM, Austrian, Air France) and the North American Air Canada -300ER (2class conf.-angled business) and, is trully amazing, that every time I embarque, I realize that I've forgotten how luxurious, comfortable and "eye catching" the wide cabin is, combined with an unsurpassed experience in all phases of flight. If a triple7 is on my route, undoubtfuly I "tick" its flight Nr. IMO that's what we call "passenger preferred"!

mike (Tokyo, Japan):

Congratulations to Boeing. Like many people, I love flying the B777. It is a very comfortable and stable aircraft. It is strong and versatile and roomy. No wonder that most of the major and many minor airlines are operators. Later, I followed the development of the B787 very closely. I was finally able to take a flight on United from Houston direct to Tokyo. All I can say is that it lived up to its hype. Easy on the eyes with its lighting and higher humidity and soft with the advanced turbulence control systems it just made for a fantastic flight. Boeing is the world leader, in my eyes. They design and craft superior aircraft.

Mike from Canada

The Preferred Passenger Lane will allow quicker access to the beginning of the Security Screening Checkpoint for those passengers who are in a preferred customer status with their respective airlines.

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