Building boom

One year ago today, we announced that our new 777X Composite Wing Center would be built on our Everett campus. The progress since then has been nothing short of amazing.


This aerial photo shows construction of the 777X Composite Wing Center in Everett.


This artist rendering shows what the completed wing center will look like.

Construction is in full force as we continue erecting steel for the building structure. In just a few months, we’ll start installing the first of three giant autoclaves in the 1.3-million square foot facility— a facility that will be roughly the size of 25 football fields.


A rendering of the autoclaves inside the 777X Composite Wing Center.

The sounds of construction can also be heard at Boeing Field in Seattle as we near the completion of our expanded Seattle Delivery Center for 737s. When it’s finished, the facility will more than double the space we currently have- helping us support increased 737 deliveries. And this place will be very busy as we go from building 42 737s a month today, to 47 in 2017 and 52 in 2018.


Construction of the expanded 737 Delivery Center in Seattle is nearing completion.


Here’s what the finished 737 Delivery Center will look like.

And inside our 737 factory in Renton, preparations continue for final assembly of the first 737 MAX later this year.

It’s an exciting time as we continue to make investments now that will be a key part of our future success.

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Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

I am proud of you all. What a beautiful news. What beautiful things for anyone to see!


Congratulations to 25X football fields size of Boeing 777X wing center in Everett due to the great efforts of Boeing leaders,teams,staffs and investors!

Congratulations too to Boeing and our world's largest airline the American Airlines which with > 193.7 million passengers per year and revenue of > USD 40.4 billion!

Best regards,
Dr Dorothy

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

My only question, Where is my office located in all these pictures? ;) Laughter is the best motivator when not asked to the prom. Godspeed Boeing, I'm enjoying the ride vicariously through your blog.

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

The size of the wing assembly building really says something about the size of the wings on the 777X, the autoclaves are huge too.

William (MS):

There is a new aircraft type that promises quantum leaps

in capacity, unlimited range and fail safe capabilities.

It seems that the days of:

Tube design aircraft.
All other aircraft including the blended wing.

Are nearing their design limits.

It also seems that jet engines are about ready for the

I hope you get an opportunity to develop the next exiting
wave of aerospace vehicles.

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