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It’s already a passenger and customer favorite. Now, we’re making the 777 even better. Today at the ISTAT Americas conference in Arizona, I unveiled a series of product improvements that will be available on the 777-300ER, the 777-200LR and the 777 Freighter.

Baseline engine, airplane weight and aerodynamic improvements will be phased into production by the third quarter of 2016, lowering trip fuel use by 2 percent. Combine that with priced optional features and airlines will see an approximate 5 percent overall fuel use per seat improvement. Here’s a detailed look:


Engine improvements

Combination of various GE 90 engine improvements by GE.

Weight reductions

Optimized interior structural crown architecture, low density hydraulic fluid, lightweight insulation and tail skid removal— all resulting in a 1,200 lb. weight reduction.

Aerodynamic improvements

Divergent trailing edge - A trailing edge device is added to the underside of the wing, outboard of the aileron. The profile of the device increases camber of the outboard wing, resulting in outboard wing efficiency.

Elevator trim bias and seal optimization - Elevator seals are improved to reduce drag and the pitch trim software logic is revised, enabling the elevator to augment the stabilizer trim during cruise flight, reducing profile and induced drag.

Slat enhancement- The slat trailing edge is made 60 percent thinner, resulting in lower drag.

Flap fairing optimization - The inboard flap track fairing is revised to optimize span-loading and reduce profile drag.

Window excrescence drag reduction - A new passenger window and seal design will result in greater flushness with the fuselage skin, reducing excrescence drag.

Tailskid deletion - Enhanced tail skid protection is integrated into the fly-by-wire control laws, eliminating the need for a physical tailskid on the 777-300ER.


Optional priced features

Options such as next-generation lightweight galleys, space-saving lavatories and straightened aft seat tracks will improve fuel efficiency even more through the addition of seats (up to 14 seats, depending on the configuration). Optional passenger experience upgrades include premium window shades, an LED lighting system to provide better quality of lighting, forward cabin noise improvements and an enhanced Door 2 entry.

Retrofit packages

We’re also considering retrofit opportunities for in-service airplanes—and GE is considering an engine retrofit package.

Bottom Line

The performance and economics of the 777 are unbeaten, and its range, capability and efficiency help our customers maximize their profits. We’re proud to offer an even better airplane going forward.

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Visitor (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia):

Hi Randy,

I do hope that Boeing 777 team can find a way to reduce cabin noise to a level at par with A380 (or better). I do love the 777 BTW, but after my experience onboard A380, I realise that 777 can be noisy during cruising.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Could we have a close-up of the trailing edge device? Perhaps somewhat similar in function to the split winglet device from Aviation Partners Boeing, or the MAX wingtip. Will we see the trailing edge device applied to other raked wingtip aircraft like the 787? Interestingly, this looks like a departure on commercial jets from the large upward winglets of the 747-400, A340, and 767(APB), to the first example with only a downward device.

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

I am excited to hear Boeing wing technology is beginning to emulate the laws of nature with the divergent trailing edge technology. Its the refinements that makes the bird soar. Adjusting the camber of the wing during flight conditions is pushing the imagination beyond when man first envisioned flying. A simple concept of wing camber revolutionizes flight. Elimination of drag points makes it slide through the air better. Improved power is the trifecta and less weight it the cherry on the cake. This is Boeing synergy coming together where each technology builds on the other making the efficiency expand even further.


Great article about a great plane. Good idea to keep the 777 updated. Job well done Boeing...

Freddy Hagens (Kirkland, WA):

2% trip fuel reduction is huge! In aerodynamic improvements terms that means a lot as it is so difficult to get those last small delta improvements. Congrats to the team! Combined with bio fuel Boeing is also pursuing I look forward to not only more efficient but also "greener" aircraft operation.

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Way to go Worldliner! The best never rest.

Rodney Marinkovic (Kraljevo, Serbia // or // Sydney, Australia ):

Boeing B777x is aircraft with no comparation with
any other projected twin aircraft. Operators will not be only please, but will be extremely please. One day I hope to be on wings of this wonder of aircraft.
Kraljevo, Serbia.

Emmanuel (Greece):

The passengers'-users' preffered triple7 even better? Now we 're talking about a real challenge!!! (What's left then? Traveling just for flying?)

Peter Wyeth (England):

A great Aeroplane,great looks,a great number 777. It looks appealing, it looks a flying machine. Boeing the best Aeroplane maker there is. Can't wait to see the 777X.

Faisal Randhawa (Baltimore, MD USA):

Boeing 777 is the most comfortable and spacious Long range jetliner along with boeing 747400 and classics.
Had the opportunity to fly on one the most reputed airlines on long flight.Good to here and see more improvements on Boeing 777.
I am eager to fly on the newest 777X when it enters in service next decade

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

Nice deal on keeping the 777 fleet competitive on fuel economy and technology. I have seen a picture of an ANA 777-300ER with serrated engine nacelles a few years ago, I wonder if they could be part of the improvement package?

JHJackson (Washington, D.C.):

Hey Boeing. Great work to upgrade the best twin-jet in the air! Unfortunately, I haven't traveled overseas in a while but look forward to see these upgraded birds in the air. I hope to plan a trip in the near future that will afford me the opportunity to reintroduce myself to this lovely airplane.

I know this is a customer decision but instead of adding those 14 seats, how about they space out the current seating to make the plane even more comfortable? The current standard 31/32 inch pitch seating is cramped even for someone 5'8"!

Rishabh Dhotrekar (Bangalore, Karnataka, India):

Wow Boeing.....congratulations on this achievement.....hope it works awesomely........and also wanted to know has Emirates ordered them? And also are the seats spacious because I had a connection that got me in A-380 and 777 but the 777's seats were not as spacious as them. So I wanted to just suggest for bigger seats (*If the airline is responsible for seat size then please suggest them*)

-Rishabh (fb - Rishabh Dhotrekar)
(gmail -
Thank You

RM Sheridan:

Lots of discussion about how these changes will be appreciated by those who fly. What customers actually want is seating with more legroom and wider seats. Airbus has been proactively pushing airlines to more ergonomics and space in the seats, and developing new seats to help airlines accomplish it. I have never seen Boeing flagging this as a central problem, with a plan accomplishing it. They appear to not care about this.

Right now flying in coach is torture. Many foreign carriers, for example Emirate are implementing this. Bigger windows are fine but seat comfort is the real issue, not bigger windows or muli-colored lighting.

I fly 80,000 a year, including miserable trips to Australia. As a shareholder in Boeing also
think it is good business practice. It also helps to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.):

I am proud of you, Boeing folks!


i have not flown on one yet but any improvement Boeing do to this aircraft .will still keep it as the best aircraft out there wonder they call it wga..i would like to hear from some of the airline owners that are flying these models and how this aurcraft as change thei company/that would be an excellent added bonuses.


The 777 is the sweet heart of and it keeps getting better every time.Thanks for your inovation and tireless efforts in making BOEING A company that is number 1 and will always be number 1 in the aviation industry

clint frost (killarney co kerry ireland):

boeing are the industry leaders in avation and the boeing company are getting better and better.the new improvements to the 777 will be awesome.

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